Have Tx Administrators Viewed CSCOPE?

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 Why are Administrators Praising CSCOPE?

Texas administrators are working overtime writing comments on web pages to defend CSCOPE.  I find this strange that Texas superintendents are so defensive about a curriculum. They never defend text books. What is their incentive to support CSCOPE?

The following comment by an administrator can be found on FOX 44 online news. May 3, 2012

A CenTx Administrator has the following praise for CSCOPE. Makes me wonder if this administrator has viewed the content of CSCOPE.  

CenTx Administrator says, “CSCOPE has been a great tool. CSCOPE provides the specificity that is missing in the state standards between the different grade levels.”

While some CSCOPE specificities have details, the science specificities are basically an outline of the TEKS–word for word. Following is an example from  CSCOPE’s 4th grade vertical alignment that compares the TEKS and CSCOPE Specificities (in blue) for three grade levels. Notice that the specificities the CenTx administrator praises is a copy of the TEKS in outline form.

Why are administrators  so adamant about defending CSCOPE? CSCOPE is selling TEKS and calling them specificities.

CSCOPE specificities for 4th grade TEKS are a nothing more than an outline of the TEKS.

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