Glenn Beck Discusses CSCOPE

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  1. I don’t live in Texas, but I am very worried about where cscope is headed next. I would like to know what, if anything I can do to help Texans escape this huge problem, and also keep this from sneaking into my state??? I am already telling everyone I who will listen about it to spread awareness, to keep more eyes open to it, but I fear that’s just not enough! I have even made my children understand it so they can be aware.

    • Common Core is the evil step-sister to CSCOPE. What you can do is find out what is being taught
      in your schools. Be very attentive to what your children tell you about what is being discussed.
      Be involved in school events. In Texas, the Tea Parties are organizing to work together to
      remove CSCOPE from our schools. All Texas Tea Parties are invited to attend a meeting
      in Salado, Texas April 6, 2013 at the Stage Coach Inn. Check the Event calendar on this website for an update on

  2. Charles says:

    It won’t let me watch the video, so I don’t know what’s wrong. My sister is in a C-Scope school though and she loves it. She is learning stuff I was never taught, and they cover it at different levels for three different years. One of my old teachers said she used to hate it because it was different, but she said there’s a lot of good stuff that she sees in it after having to use it. She said it takes pressure off of the teachers because if a student doesn’t get it one of the years, they might get it another. She still has struggles with it, but she said that’s because it’s new.

  3. Wanda Bruer says:

    I do not, in any way want Cscope taught in our schools. It is an insiduous and sneaky way to indoctrinate our children in muslim beliefs. Wanda Bruer

  4. F. D. Page says:

    I am also a retired teacher and a dedicated Christian. I have just learned about CScope. I had no idea this subversive material was being taught to our children. So far, my school district has not implemented this program and I would certainly fight against it if were being considered. I do have great-grandchildren in two of the CScope schools, and I’m sure their parents do not know about it. Hooray for Glenn Beck for helping us in getting the word out.

    • We need you to help us fight to keep all Texas schools free of CSCOPE. Do this by contacting your senator, representative, state board of education member. See the how you can help tab on the nav bar of this website.

  5. Concerning my previous email. I meant to refer to UT Tyler, not UNT Tyler.
    My mistake, I live near UNT now.

  6. I teach in Texas and HATE CSCOPE! Our district adopted the program when the new superintendent came in. My entire campuse hates this program. The state of Texas WASTE money on rhis. We still are writing our own lessons because cscope is such a mess, and this news is even worse. Mindless people, who are out of touch with education are writing for cscope, and administrators who are not in touch with the classroom are none the wiser.

  7. Denise Colvin says:

    Check out College Board’s curriculum entitled Springboard!

  8. This is incredibly scary!! As a retired teacher, I am astounded that any school, state or organization, and/or parents would sanction this in any manner. It is blatant indoctrination of the most insidious kind.
    Please, parents, stand up to your schools, write letters condemning this kind of thing before it spreads nationwide. Our children are so vulnerable and do not have the necessary reasoning abilities to reject this
    kind of indoctrination.
    If you do not want to see America go the way of Russia and Germany you will take the responsibility to go through the students’ textbooks with them and refute what is being taught.

    • L.J. ,
      I am also a retired teacher. Please join me and others to get the word out to parents. I know that we can make a difference.
      Janice VanCleave

    • LJ – can’t go through the textbooks with your kids – CSCOPE eliminates textbooks.