CSCOPE’s Parent Portal

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CSCOPE's parent portal doesn't give parents a clue what is happening in their child's class.

CSCOPE’s Parent Portal

School superintendents have been convinced by the TESCCC sales representatives that their product, called CSCOPE has been designed to meet all state education requirements. Like telemarketers, those selling CSCOPE have memorized a sales pitch.

The CSCOPE salesmen that I’ve met have no clue about the content of the CSCOPE lessons. They truly sound sincere and passionate that the script they use is true. I’ve asked many CSCOPE representatives why parents are not allowed to view the CSCOPE lessons or student worksheets. Same answer: CSCOPE is copyrighted.

But so is every book in the library and these books may be viewed. So why are the lessons presented to public school kids hidden from parents or community members?

I’ve yet to receive an answer to this question. The CSCOPE represented generally is angry by now. Why should the response to these questions make them angry? Is CSCOPE hiding something they don’t want parents to know?

The CSCOPE representatives always mention the parent portal where parents can find out what is being studied.

Like the young child peeking out of the hole in the box, the CSCOPE Parent Portal gives parents only a tiny peek at student lesson content.

The CSCOPE Parent Portal doesn’t give parents a clue about class activities. For example, in elementary school social studies, the CSCOPE parent portal might tell parents that the Bill of Rights would be discussed during a certain time period, but parents are not told that the author of the lesson was allowed to corrupt the meaning of this document. Also the author was allowed to add personal biased comments.

For more information about this, see how  CSCOPE Rewrites The Bill of Rights

How does this happen? EASY. Via state legislation, Senate Bill 6, school districts can buy anything they want to and pay for it with our tax money. Senate Bill 6 also allows school districts to decide if they want to purchase school books or not. Yes, your school district can decided not to purchase books. Do your children have text books? Can you imagine taking Calculus, Chemistry, Physics or for that matter any course without a text book? Kids , K-12, keep class notes in a binder–that is what they are to use to study for tests.

Parents, your school superintendent and school board members are responsible for providing each student with instructional materials that cover all the elements of the TEKS adopted by the State Board of Education for every subject and grade level. There is absolutely no proof that the CSCOPE Instructional Material provides the necessary material to meet this criteria.

School superintendents and school board members forced their teachers to sign a CSCOPE gag-order that doesn’t allow them to tell parents what they are teaching their children.

If CSCOPE is so wonderful:

1. Why are teachers not allowed to discuss lesson content with parents?

2. Why are teachers being forced and even monitored to assure they are teaching it?
3. Why have school evaluations dropped?

School ratings decline

The Shallowater Independent School District’s 2010 exemplary rating dropped to a recognized rating this year, and the Slaton ISD’s rating went from recognized to acceptable.

This article has some interesting comments. But the bottom line is that  CSCOPE was  promised –even guaranteed to contain the RIGOR required by TEA. So, if there is a drop in evaluations, don’t blame the TEKS for being harder and more rigorous. CSCOPE was promised to provide all the material schools need to be prepared for the more rigorous STAAR/EPCs tests.

Something is really wrong when the content of public school lessons is kept secret and teachers are legally bound not to reveal the content of the lessons they teach. 

Who is to blame? Since Superintendents and School Board Members are responsible for the instructional material they purchase and ultimately responsible for providing an environment as well as instructional materials that prepare them to understand the content of the state standards, then they are at fault.

Why have school district administrators purchased CSCOPE? Now this is a question I will pursue.

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  1. CSCOPE is taking our schools captive. The totalness of control is nearly complete. Even their own dictionary of approved terminology for social studies.
    Again, I emphasize, its better to light our own candle than hammer at the darkness. A few good thoughts may help some.

    This thing called cscope is entrenched like a cancer on the spine, can’t cut it out. Maybe light will kill it. Centralized power is climaxing with centralized control of information. It’s funding started in Austin, and now is perpetuated by each district. Listing and explaining its poisons would be like trying to nail jelly to a wall, it changes and morphs and then changes again; soaking up all the resources of the few trying to expose it, while it grows around those few.

    Tell the students what you want them to hear, and make it available on the web.

    • WOW! Larry, you have very succinctly described CSCOPE—But, now that we have increased the pressure, the jelly has begun to solidify and the agenda 21 parts are being recognized by educators. Even kindergarten children are being indoctrinated with scarcity lessons.

  2. Until Christians can again afford their own schools, we’d best spend our efforts in making short studies available, short stories, presenting our views; because no one else is going to do it for us. We had our schools and we gave them up; now the other side has them and they are actively increasing their grip.

    • Or you could band together and Home-School. Get the lesson plans from solid school and use them – FYI I did it later on with two of my son’s. They went to school for math and science (christian schools) . FYI – I was a single parent, no extended family, and had to work full time as well. So, my point: Home school. At the time, I used Our Lady of the Rosary lesson plans – they worked for me. There are may out there as well as many home school groups – its been a while for me — so I just thought I would make the suggestion.

  3. Do all of you know Progressive Education is not new. Under various changing names it goes back to John Dewey. His book, Democracy and Education , reveals his vision of using your tax dollars to change America’s understanding of life and government. From a republic to a democracy. From Absolute Law to Organic (Evolutionary) law. He helped write the Humanist Manifesto, signed it and helped implement it. Under his ideas the schools took Dick and Jane readers to fill the children’s minds. Compare to McGuffey Readers which were used for a hundred years. America has been changed in the minds of students, little by little, until now the world does not know how the First Ammendment was applied up until 1948.