Part 2: CSCOPE Not Approved by TEA

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Is CSCOPE Helping or Hurting Texas Schools

Part 2: CSCOPE is NOT on TEA’s Approved List

This is part 2 of a series of articles that respond to an article by Ann Work, in TimesRecordNews, Wichita Falls, Tx. See Ms. Work’s complete article here, CSCOPE Features to Help Schools.

In the following statements from Ms. Work’s article, Poplin refers to the Director of Region 9 in Wichita Falls. Region 9 is one of the 19 Texas Education Service Centers that created CSCOPE. Ms. Poplin is one of the 19 board of trustees for TESCCC, the company created by Ms. Poplin and the other 19 ESC directors.

“Most of Texas school districts — 875 of slightly more than 1,000 — have adopted the curriculum, including all Region 9 school districts except for City View ISD, Poplin said.

“It has freed all partnering districts from the weighty task of writing and updating curriculum that had to transition to meet the new STAAR testing system, with its increased academic rigor.”


I find Ms. Poplin’s comments confusing. According to Wade Lebay, the state CSCOPE director, the term CSCOPE curriculum refers only to five documents–The VAD, IFD, YAG, and Verification of TEKS document. All of these  documents contain the TEKS for a specific grade and subject. Each of the documents has the same TEKS as found on the TEA Website for free. These documents have the TEKS written in different formats. The IFO, Information Focus Document has some ideas for teachers but the majority of the document is a copy of the TEKS.

So, what is Ms. Poplin referring to when she says districts are being relieved from the weighty task of writing and updating curriculum. CSCOPE curriculum would be no weighty task if teachers in each subject grade copied the TEKS for their subject. These same teachers could better create a scope and sequence that best fit their school schedule. ALL for free.

Check out this next statement:

“It was a great gift,” Poplin said Friday. “It kept each district from replicating what the district next door was doing.”

This contradicts the objective of CSCOPE, which is Common Language, which has nothing to do with language. Instead, Common Language is to have every teachers in each grade and subject doing the same thing on the same day in every school across Texas.

So what does Ms. Poplin’s mean with this comment, “It kept each district from replicating what the district next door was doing.” With CSCOPE every school district in the entire state of Texas would be doing the same thing. 

Who came up with this idea? Do they have a clue how large Texas is and how many different weather conditions are in effect each day of the school year. While the coast is evacuating because of a hurricane, other parts of Texas are sunny and dry.

But beside it being a ludicrous idea. Why would you want every teachers across the state reading a script because that is the only way common language could happen. If every teachers is saying the same thing, then every student regardless of ability is hearing the same thing. How is this affecting the level of education our children are receiving.

Parents: Please check out every word that I write about CSCOPE. Ask your child’s teacher to view CSCOPE lessons. LESSONS–not a list of TEKS or a document that has what CSCOPE calls SPECIFICITIES—These are usually TEKS written in outline form.

Parents: If your child doesn’t have a text book, ask why? How can you help your child if you have nothing that provides information about the lessons.

Parents : CSCOPE is a supplementary material that is not on the TEA approved list. Ask your superintendent why  unapproved  material is being used to teach your child.

Is CSCOPE Helping or Hurting Texas Schools?

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  1. Wade Lebay quote, “It’s built by teachers, designed by teachers and that’s what’s powerful about CSCOPE,” Lebay said….

    So then the curriculum is perfect!! Outrageous that you would support or encourage those socialist/communist lessons! How about changing the lessons to encourage another “capitalist” country? Another “free” country? Hmm? How about we stop encouragning lessons that encourange lazy assess from getting wellfare and not working all day, and instead encourage geting up early and do some hardwork around this country once again!