CSCOPE Takes the Heart out of Teaching

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Parents respond to district’s AYP snapshot invite

 By: CHARLES STEWARD, Staff Writer

Friday, November 2, 2012 12:03 PM CDT

Before the discussion ended its discussion on the less than satisfactory adequate Yearly Progress, more was heard about glitches with CSCOPE; having access to curriculum (“getting my hands on what they have to turn in”); and all students being “lumped into one basket.” One parent questioned whether the teachers “have a heart for the kids”

The question was asked if efforts are being made to make sure students have access to rigorous content and instruction. One parent said CSCOPE, the parent portal on the ACISD website, does not always work. Another parent said, “Getting into CSCOPE is like pulling teeth.”

This is the result of the progressive, authentic, teaching philosophy.

“The teachers are certified, but it does not mean they know how to teach.” Another parent added, “A degree does not make a good teacher.”

In other schools where CSCOPE is required, teacher morale is low. CSCOPE doesn’t allow teachers to be creative.  CSCOPE takes the heart out of teaching.

Several parents said their children are not being challenged. One parent complained all students received the same grade in a class no matter the effort of individual students.

Pre-advanced placement and gifted and talented classes were cited as examples of advanced learning opportunities provided by the district. It was reported Pre-AP classes start at seventh grade. One parent said, “Sixth graders are just floating around. Previously there were challenge classes for sixth graders. There are no challenge classes now.”

While discussing adjustments made for English language learners, special education, and students with learning disabilities several parents spoke against inclusion where special needs students are mainstreamed with regular classes. “With inclusion, the teacher teaches at the lowest level and the others suffer,” said one parent.

“No inclusion.”

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  1. Parents this is a must read! I am warning all the Parents who care about what their children are learning and Not learning.