CSCOPE Says Allah is Only God

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Are your superintendents, principals, and teachers lying to you about CSCOPE?

If you are being told that CSCOPE has rigor and is aligned with the TEKS, thus is preparing your children for the state STAAR tests, they are misrepresenting the facts.

1. CSCOPE lists TEKS –State Education Standards, thus claims to be aligned with the state standards. Listing the TEKS does not qualify CSCOPE as being aligned with the state standards.

2. CSCOPE’s specificities are in some cases providing false religious information. CSCOPE is  proselytizing  the Islamic religion. For example, following are two of the state standards for high school world history, WW.1b and WW 23A. Allah being Yahweh (100% false) is added by CSCOPE.

WH.1B Identify major causes and describe the major effects of the following events from 500 BC to AD 600: the development of the classical civilizations of Greece, Rome, Persia, India (Maurya and Gupta), China (Zhou, Qin, and Han), and the development of major world religions.

 • Allah – monotheistic deity; also recognized as the God of Abraham (Yahweh)

WH.23A Describe the historical origins, central ideas, and spread of major religious and philosophical traditions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, and the development of monotheism. Readiness Standard

• Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) – one supreme God; also referenced as Yahweh or Allah

3. About CSCOPE having rigor—high school students are transposing information= word-for-word from one paper to another. See the diagram below for an example. This is a good example of CSCOPE rigor. Most of the Rigor in CSCOPE is making organizers–a paper with a center topic and boxes around it. Like the one shown below. WOW! The rigor is just staying awake. Hopefully students were day dreaming as they transferred the information about the Islamic Pillars of Faith from one paper to the other.


The previous TEKS and the Incorrect CSCOPE information is Presently being presented to your children–Dec. 2012

Following is a lesson that was part of the CSCOPE online lessons for two school years, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. This lesson has been removed from the CSCOPE website, but like any CSCOPE material, lessons can be removed, revised, replaced at any time. In fact, a CSCOPE lesson that had students reading an online article about Christianity being a cult was revised when it was made public. The offensive part was tweaked and the new lesson was presented to the Irving ISD school board to prove that the claim about the lesson was not true. OOPS! Teachers have copies of the original lesson. The before and after lessons will be coming soon.

This is what students taking World History for the past two years were taught.

WAS this on the parent portal?  I think not.

CSCOPE Lessons include religious information that goes beyond what is required for TEKS. CSCOPE is teaching Texas students that Allah is Godl

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  1. Allah is not the same god as the GOD of the Bible who is Yaweh, Jehovah, Elohim, Adonai, El Shaddai, The Great I AM. Allah is the moon god that the Baal worshippers worshipped as described in the Bible and the God of the Bible, Yaweh, Jehovah, wiped them out when Elihah called fire down from Heaven. Yaweh, Jehovah obliged and burned up the Baal worshippers. He said they were idol worshippers and he didn’t like what they were doing. The “Assyrian” who had “crescents on his camel”, (the symbol of Islam today) who fought Gideon and Gideon (a foershadow of Jesus Christ) defeated was a foreshadow of the Anti-Christ who the God of the Bible, Jehovah, will one day destroy. Satan has been trying to beat GOD (Jehovah) throughout history, but he will not win. He inspired the Baal worshippers to go against Jehovah, and the “Assyrian” who had crescents on his camel who worshipped the moon, and he inspired the Islamists who worship the black moon stone at Mecca. They’re all inspired by the same spirit of Satan and they’are all fighting against the God of the Bible. That’s why Islamists want to kill “the people of the Book”, the Bible, Jews and Christians.

  2. Arthur Stordahl says:

    A few slants towards preference, obviously since the US has been seen as a Christian nation. This should be a non-argument and upon parent and child which religion(s) you want your children to learn. @ what age is also a great consideration as young minds are easily confused, for good reason, of multiple gods-yet this one is for us. This all makes for poor mental hygiene and great divides~which IMO is the guiding hand behind these type teachings. Will chaos follow to the point we are among a greatly divided country of groups fighting? Sound familiar?
    Good information overall, not overly opinionated and quite informed~I learned a few things! For this, Thank You All.

  3. To Greg: You might want to do a little more research. Not only is your assessment inaccurate it is completely wrong. Yes, Allah is Arabic but it is the name of the moon God the Muslim’s worship. Former Muslim’s, who have become infidel’s for professing Jesus Christ as Savior, have written extensively about their former false faith. Islam may claim Abraham as the father of their faith but they trace their lineage through Ismael not Isaac. Muslim’s would NEVER claim that the God of the Christians and Jewish people are the same Gods. In fact, they declare that to confess Jesus as the Son of God is blasphemy because God would never take human form. They believe that Jesus is ONLY a prophet and that He never died on the cross. For teachers to teach that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven (John 14:6) would cause hysteria in their school. Yet, this curriculum presents the 5 basic tenets of Islam on how a person becomes a follower of Islam. Why no outcry?

  4. I am a former teacher and I am for teaching our children the basic facts about all the faiths that exist in the world, but this curriculum is W A Y too extensive and mind-altering for our children–way more than they need to learn about this faith! Just the basic essentials should be taught and not just for Islam, but A L L faiths, including Christianity, which these days is a no-no in U.S. schools! Parents, please be very aware of what curriculum your children are being taught and voice your opinions and complaints to the Boards of Education in your children’s school district or go to the State level, if necessary!! In our home, we have rejected the curriculums and off-the-wall teachings of the local public schools and are home schooling our children with our cholce of Christian curriculum and Christian values. This is also your choice–look into it–it works for us!!! Don’t allow your precious children, the future leaders of our country, to be brain-washed by a few radicals who have managed to get their works into some of our nation’s schools!

  5. What is going on? Christianity is not a cult and if Allah is the Islam God, well the Islams need to keep their God, their beliefs, and certainly their teachings out of our American schools. This country has a freedom of religion, but that doesn’t mean Islamist have a right to force their religion on American people and the Islam teachings certainly have no place in any American public school. They can practice their religion and worship their God in their own country. Don’t come to this country and force your beliefs on Americans and our children. If Christians aren’t allowed to freely worship Jesus in school, then in no way should Islam/ Muslims be allowed to practice, worship, or force their religion or beliefs on our children in public schools where they are suppose to be being taught the skills they need to prepare them for college and the work force later in life. Not how to worship some God named Allah because the Islam/Muslims are moving here to the U.S. and expecting and demanding everyone do as their religion expects. If we as Americans and yes “Christians” did what every race wanted us to do with their Gods and their religions, no one would learn real skills in public school to advance them in their lives. There are tens of thousands of different “Gods” different races around the world “worship”, who has time for learning about each so called “God” they believe in. Leave religion, all of it, out of all schools in America. The children need to be advancing in their math, science, social studies, health, art, the things that develop young minds to become scientists, doctors, geologist, etc. Thats a real future for children. Not spending time learning about Muslim/Islam Gods and beliefs. This is imposing on everyones religious beliefs, not just “Christians.” Think about it. I do not approve of this being taught in American public schools. Its going against all religions who may not appreciate this being taught to their children. This should definitely be removed without a second thought.

    • Allah is the Word GOD in Arabic. it is not a different Being. Allah is how you pronounce the word GOD in Arabic.
      Hebrew uses the word Allah and several other ways to say GOD, Eloheim, Alloh, Elah, Eloah.
      It is the Same GOD of Abraham, The Same One that Jesus calls his Father
      Learn it yourself, ask someone of Hebrew Faith.
      The GOD of Abraham is the Beginning of All Three Faiths Hebrew, Islam and Christians..

      • I respect your right to have your own ideas. I do not want your ideas taught in public school any more than you want me to have student praising and worshiping Jesus Christ.

      • I have no problem with one God, however I don’t believe the God of Jesus is the same God that
        the religion of Islam worships.. two totally different views of love.

        • David,
          Our difference in our faiths is why religion should not be introduced in public school at all. The Trinity to me is like the three states of matter–all the same, but in different forms.

        • Jeanette Slade says:

          There is only one God. However, Christians subscribe to God the father of Jesus. Jesus preached tolerance and love and faith for all people. The Christian God of worship commands people to be clean in heart, mind and body both male and female, so that one day we can join him in Heaven again and move to the new world he has created.
          Muslims subscribe to a God named Allah, who sent a prophet named Mohammed (who married a 6 yr old girl when he was in his 70’s.) Muslims do not believe in tolerance or love for any but Muslims. They have been taught by their prophet to kill Gentiles for a sexual reward from Allah. There are some sexual practices that Christians consider as perversions that are authorized by the Prophet and Ayatollah’s.
          It is my personal belief that both worships had the same beginnings as evidenced in the Old Testament of the King James Bible and the Torah. Yes, the Jewish honor the Old Testament. Jews do not accept Jesus as the Son of God. The Muslim beliefs were altered and changed with the belief in Mohammed as their true Prophet through whom God spoke. Believing that only Mohammed could speak to Allah ( God).
          There are fundamental differences and with each new Ayatollah and religious cleric, comes a new set of do’s for Muslims. i.e. it is okay to touch babies but don’t penetrate and if you do you have to…etc. It is okay to rape women who are not Muslim (and men too) and to defile their sex organs. Whereas Christians, Catholics, Jews teach purity and respect for ourselves and each other. It is a shame really, but ……..

      • Wrong, “Greg.” Without the Holy Trinity, there is no Christian Faith-that is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Without the Trinity there is no way you can support your claim that Islam’s God is the Father of Abraham, and thus the three religions. The Old Testament tells of the coming of the Messiah, and the New Covenant is Christ Jesus. The truth be told, we do not know who the Islamists are worshiping.

      • Patriotgal says:

        allah is not the God of Israel. allah is not the Lord God of the Bible. allah does not mean God, is means “oath”. allah is nothing more than a man-made god created in the mind of a child molester. islam is nothing more than a created religion to deceive many.

      • Greg, I wish I could up-vote you more. Reading this, I’m so glad I don’t live in the US! Can’t get over how everyone is so paranoid of education. Learning about different religions is very important — it’s not worship, it’s education.

        • Aaron,
          Your comment about not wanting to live in the USA should wake up America.

          • Why would it wake me up? Who cares. What we don’t accept in America is the indoctrination of our children. We were founded on the division between religion and gov’t. This protects one from what you see in the Islamic world. Their religion imposing on their freedoms and human rights. Their religion being the foundation of their political views.

            @Aaron: There is nothing wrong with learning other religions. I did when I was in school. The difference here is that Islam is being shoved down our throats. This country was founded on Christian values. Period. I wonder if Christianity is an accepted curriculum in Arab schools? I would guess not. Are they afraid of education? We’re glad you don’t live here too.

      • That’s not correct. “Allah” is a proper noun. In contrast “al-Ilaah” is the common noun for “God”. Allah was originally a moon god with three daughters Al-Lat (the sun), Al-Uzzah (Venus), and Manat (fortune or fate). These were all worshiped by the Quraysh (Mohammed’s tribe by birth) as they circumambulated the Ka’ba. Christians mistakenly used the name Allah when looking for an Arabic word with which to represent the One True God. They failed to research it’s origins, they merely observed that at the time it APPEARED to be a common noun for God. A new translation has been released that corrects this error in the Van Dyck translation called ArabBible, and it’s available both in print and digitally.


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