Are Your Children in a CSCOPE School?

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Following is a list Texas School Using CSCOPE

Dark clouds labeled with CSCOPE and what it represents: Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Pro-IslamicIf your school is on the list, please
help rid our school of CSCOPE by sending the petition found HERE to your school superintendent to remove CSCOPE immediately.

I you need more information about CSCOPE, see:


Scroll down for a complete ABC list of school districts using CSCOPE.

This list

was updated

Sept 25, 2012.

There have been school districts since this date that have chosen not to purchase CSCOPE for next school year. These will be marked off the list as soon as public announcements have been made.

List of Texas Schools Using CSCOPE

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  1. NoMoreMuslimParasites says:

    The unions you cry to about this sort of thing were pro islamic from the beginning and do not listen to non muslims. Our country has been infected with a parasite called islam. THAT is the real world. Preparing our white american CHRISTIAN children in obama’s public islamic american child soldier program will never be acceptable to any muslim in any country. Ours just happens to be their new hq. is this that “white privilege”, that Al silvertongue sharpton or jesse jackasson have been promoting? Duh! Of course it is. Any one still surprised by islam’s destructive wake has no brain cell in their body, they smoked it away in the ’60’s.

  2. To add, Janice your work on getting all these answers for us are so appreciated. We complain that every year teachers are just robots told what to do, and no one listens to our concerns. Money speaks louder than experience in Education. I start work tomorrow, and its dreadful to feel that it will be more of the same. Cscope along with those who know less and delegate more will continue to run our staff development and run our schools. After 20 years in education, it’s always planning with the next “new program” what a waste of time and serious money!! Here’s a novel idea: let’s prepare our kids for the real world, not for the next assessment.

  3. Not everyone is out. We are starting a new school year, and we are scheduled to plan for our year using cscope. I would like to know we are
    All on the same page as educators. Socorro ISD is still planning on using cscope, yet I understand from friends in other districts they were
    Directed to NOT use it.

  4. What is your source for this list? Can you please post the link?

    • Rachel.
      I will need to remove the list for now and create a new one. Some administrators and school boards have had
      enough pressure from the community to make changes that improve education in their schools. In other words
      CSCOPE is out.

  5. Tammie Case says:

    IT’S A FARCE!!!!

  6. I’m very sad to see that Lewisville ISD uses parts of Common Core curriculum, which is just as bad (if not worse) than C-SCOPE. You can see more on that here: – search ‘common core’

  7. Hi this is somewhat of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if
    you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding knowledge so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Courtney says:

    Has anyone done full research on this matter. Who has looked up and read ALL of TEKS which is a list required by the state of Texas of what each child in each grade level is to be taught? To me if we have an issue on what are kids are being taught doesn’t the fault lay with the state for making our children learn such things? Cscope is a guideline that can be tweaked to help benefit the lessons for the students along the way. Geesh people…it’s crazy the bashing being done from those who aren’t doing the necessary research! Cscope is going to hold the teachers accountable to following the states requirements. Why are parents blowing up now? Should have googled TEKS at the beginning of each school year to see TEXAS demands out kids learn that year. TEKS has always been available for review.

    • Yes, I have read all the science TEKS as well as all the World History TEKS.

      CSCOPE does not align with the science inquiry TEKS. CSCOPE was created and
      sold when the ESCS were given $152 million dollars to develop and present
      TEKS professional development for free.

      • Have you read the history required? I have and it most definitely predominantly covers the Islamic faith over any other religion.

        • You are so correct and many Texas School administrators will continue to use the CSCOPE lessons in the coming school year–2013-2014.

  9. I really feel like this argument against CSCOPE is blown out of proportion. I am student teaching in a larger school district at the high school level. CSCOPE has just been implemented this year and I will admit that it has its problems. My mentor teacher is not a fan of the tool, but for much different reasons. The more senior teachers do not like the resource because it seems like they are being told that they must start a new program because what they have done for the past however many years is all of a sudden not good enough. This is understandable because some of the CSCOPE lessons are not very practical, especially in a large class. That is why we have used CSCOPE as a supplement and a guide. I, as a younger educator, think that CSCOPE is a great tool to organize your curriculum based on the TEKS standards to better prepare students for the more in-depth STAAR tests. Regarding the issue of CSCOPE being pro-Islamic and anti-American, I think it is just ridiculous. I am a social studies teacher and every lesson I have taught has been completely unbiased and does not favor any religion, because religion does not belong in public school. If there is a situation where children are being forced to follow Sharia Law and pray facing Mecca everyday, then obviously there is a problem with the TEACHER and not the program. If you want your child to be indoctrinated with only Christian views, then you can pay for them to go to a private school

    • Chris,
      You misunderstand. I do not want religion taught in public school.

      Note, that you are defending a group that was given $152 million dollars
      to prepare a TEKS training program for you and other educators.
      Instead, the ESCs created CSCOPE and sold it to the school where you teach.
      Where is the $150 million?

      I wish you well in your teaching profession.

    • Chris,

      It may not matter so much at the high school level, but it is so screwed up at the elementary school. The sequence of learning is so off that teachers (I know a 2nd grade teacher) are having a hard time teaching because they are having to teach something that hasn’t even been led up to that point to teach. If it’s only used as a supplement or guide, why are teachers being disciplined if they choose not to use it? Why am I not allowed to see the curriculum if there is nothing to hide? Unfortunately, as the saying goes, you’re young and dumb and will follow because that is all you know. You are the reason why my children will never step foot into a public school, because you never question anything and believe everything. And yes, they do teach about religion, however, it’s not all Christianity, it’s Muslim and Judaism. I have personally seen a paper from a 6th grader that talked about Islam (page covered), Judaism (5 paragraph), and Christianity (1 paragraph).

    • Mark Perry says:

      When you start teaching for a living and are under the pressure and thumb of a school administrator, you attitude my change dramatically. As a ” Student” Teacher, you are NOT under the same pressures that a employed teacher is. You get to leave the School District when your semester is over. Also, content is important in education. These teachers who you think are opposing CSCOPE because they have hurt feelings, denigrates them and their dedication to the profession. I disagree with the whole system that Texas uses, teaching to get kids to regurgitate answers to a standardized test is pathetic. We’ve lost touch with the process of getting children to think for themselves. CSCOPE only furthers that. You, yourself stated several times in your short response, that there are problems with CSCOPE, and there are many. You are also looking at life in general with very few years under your belt. Life has a way of educating people in ways that cannot be found in a school building. The older teachers have decades of information, background and history in their “memory bank” that they can utilize as benchmarks that you simply don’t possess because of your young age. Trust me, people are not opposing CSCOPE simply because their feelings are hurt or because it’s different. They know when the “Emperor has no clothes” and realize that this system is selling a bogus bill of goods, which it is.

  10. Texas Teacher says:

    Okay. Just figured it out. Your upset that Cscope does not use the following lesson as an Exemplar lesson?

    • You are so very very wrong. I do not want the material that I have written included in CSCOPE It seems that
      those who wrote the CSCOPE lessons do not want to be identified. Some of the authors may have written
      great lessons only to have them cut and pieces added, such as save the earth stuff from Agenda 21.
      A recent example was a high school bio lessons suggesting that kids bath together. When this was
      made public the lesson was immediately changed to say, “share bath water.” YUCK!

      The point is that the content of CSCOPE can be change at any time. Who knows what will be in the lessons

  11. Concerned says:

    I get the feeling the IB WORLD SCHOOL program is almost the same as C-SCOPE/Common Core. They all seem to be for global governance, demonizing America & glorifying communism & islam. My ISD is not listed as participating in C-SCOPE, but our high schools are proudly labeled “IB WORLD SCHOOL”. And, after digging through my ISD’s website, I discovered a rep from Al Jazeera was welcomed into a junior high classroom as a Special Guest, under the guise of an advanced foreign language class. (If you hold the progressive view that Al Jazeera is ‘just another media outlet’ then you won’t see a problem with this) In IB they offer Mandarin Chinese, Hindi & Arabic. Explain to me what future we are preparing our children for when we’re teaching them third-world languages…

    Yes, I know IB is voluntary. But it is heavily promoted to the best & brightest students. What I read on their sites, they are proud to prepare our children to be good little global citizens. OH, and they are tight with THE WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL. If you want a good scare, look these folks up. They have offices in Ft Worth & Dallas.

    Their roots run deep, fellow Texians. Let’s dig ’em out.

  12. My son was a junior in high school last year and attended a district using CSCOPE I for Honors Algebra II and he was making great grades. For varias reasons he transferred to another CScope district the last 9 weeks of the school year. The other district used the new version of CSCOPE that covered different material than the old CSCOPE. He went into the last weeks of the year with an A and because of the difference in the CSCOPE he did not pass the last 6 weeks of the year and was forced to take a final exam on material he was never taught. He failed the semester but passed for the year because his average was so high under the program he was being taught., I don’t know if it was all the CSCOPE difference or that the rival school wanted to show “how much tougher” they are than the other district. All I know is it hurt my child when we are to be teaching TEKS. It was poor parenting on my part to have him move so late in the school year. It is also my fault for not fighting for him not to be graded on material he was never taught using the first cSCOPE vs the new CSCOPE.

    • Send me more information about the two schools districts and I will help you fight this. Since CSCOPE promotes common language, which is that all schools are doing the same thing at the same time, your son should have been on the same page when he entered the new school. Send information to

  13. The cost is in the amount of new administrators a school district must hire to implement C Scope.

    • You are so correct. In the small Marlin ISD, the cost of CSCOPE included a curriculum director, and about six instructional enforcers, 2 per school building. This amounts to a lot of money. Plus, there are installation fees for the internet and its maintenance, workshops for teachers who cringe at having to go and administrators who go to workshops to find out how they can better monitor teachers. I think we need monitors for superintendents.

  14. Michele says:

    What is the cost of CScope? I am having a hard time getting an answer to this question.

    • Michele,
      The cost of CSCOPE seems to vary depending on the Regional Service Center it is purchased from . With workshops it generally cost about $9.00 student/year. Schools actually rent CSCOPE by the year. There is also an installation fee for the internet service. Your school district has to tell you how much they spend per year on CSCOPE and that includes all cost. You might also ask how much of the school taxes is being paid to TASA and TASB, private, professional organizations for the superintendent and school board members. About $30 million school taxes are paid to TASA and TASB each year. How many teachers could be hired for this amount of money. Why are superintendents using tax money to pay their personal membership and convention fees?

      • Tammie Case says:

        It shouldn’t even be purchased without workshops. How are teachers supposed to implement something that they have no training in???

        • There are workshops–more wasted money because the people giving the workshops are not trained. Vicious circle.

  15. An FAQ on CSCOPE would be very helpful – your site has a ton of information and it is difficult to dig out info. That said, thank you for all you do and thank you especially for having this up in the first place.

    • Edith,
      I am working just to post current news. But a FAQ is a great idea. I’ll start to work on that. In fact, I’ll start it now by adding an article that will ask for questions and I’ll answer them.
      Thanks for this idea.

  16. This I found as I randomly looked at a section of CSCOPE curriculum. (7th grade social studies) The children are to learn and recite this excerpt from CSCOPE:
    (B) Each school district shall require that, during Celebrate Freedom Week or other week of instruction prescribed under subparagraph (A) of this
    paragraph, students in Grades 3-12 study and recite the following text: “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that
    they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness–That to secure
    these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.”
    Thus, CSCOPE does NOT finish the passage. It reads “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
    Our children are being taught that power of the government will secure their right for happiness? GOD help us. I hope that people can see how our government is taking control and taking our freedom from us. I am a parent, an educator and a minister. I doubt that many parents are even aware of what their children are being taught. I believe that is intentional. No judgment of anyone should be made here. Research for yourselves, but do not be deceived. No one wants to believe what is happening here in the United States, but there is no refuting the truth.


    • Neva Kelly says:

      Here is the link to the Texas Administrative Code that explains why the CSCOPE lesson contains those instructions. As is common on this site and others like it, you are drawing faulty conclusions. It is not the CSCOPE authors who do “NOT finish the passage” — it’s our legislators.$ext.TacPage?sl=R&app=9&p_dir=&p_rloc=&p_tloc=&p_ploc=&pg=1&p_tac=&ti=19&pt=2&ch=74&rl=33

      Do you still find this to be intentional? Please take your own advice and “research for yourself.”

      • Neva:
        As is usual with folks like you you pretend to find something magical so you can further live in delusion.
        Legislators are told what to write by the very folks that write and control school curriculum. These include the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations. They are hired by the Department of Ed and given cart blanch, now we have the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation writing the material and collaborating with Rupert Murdoch to institute “inbloom” which will gather information on students to be sent to private companies to write & rewrite The Common Core State Standards which has been pushed onto 45 states now who have zero input. I would have thought that knowing education is controlled by big business would upset you

        Our law makers don’t oversee anything and don’t even know what’s in this stuff…sorta like Obamacare

        please do better research

    • You DO realize that the text you quoted above: “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happines.” is WORD for WORD in the Declaration of Independence?

    • Tammie Case says:

      It’s scary!!!

  17. Glenn Marsh says:

    I have 3 young children, 2 of which are enrolled in Cypress Elementary (in Leander ISD). I was very relieved to find that Leander ISD is not on the list of school districts that use CSCOPE, although I plan to call the district superintendent to positively confirm that fact. I am fully 100% (apologize for the redundancy) AGAINST the CSCOPE curriculum. I would love to join the fight against it, and help spread the word as much as possible.

  18. I have ask the teachers at the elementary school my grandson (which I raise and have custody of) if they use this curriculum. His science/social studies teacher has admitted that they do use parts of it. I want to know just how complete this list of school districts is. Evidently if your school district only uses part of the curriculum then their district is not listed . We live in the Midlothian, TX ISD and they use part of the curriculum and they are not listed. WHY?

    I think if the school district uses any part of the curriculum then their school district should be listed.

    • Paul, please call the administration and ask if they have purchased the CSCOPE curriculum. Speak to someone who should be able to give you a correct answer.
      It is difficult to keep an up todate list because CSCOPE directors have not given this out in the past. But, I will ask for a list now that things are suppose to be more transparent–ha.

      Join Us!
      Be part of the WomenOnThe Wall conference calls–Check here to sign up-

      There will be conference calls every week. Be part of them.
      Men and Women of Texas, speak OUT!!!

  19. Fred Franklin says:

    I see everyone is against it but I don’t see why? Respectfully, EXACTLY what is wrong with it?

    • 1. Teachers were forced to sign a gag-order not to tell the content of the CSCOPE lessons to anyone outside the school district.
      2. Content—incorrect lessons
      3. Content–Islamic lessons with selected verses from the Qua’ran.
      4. Content– Agenda 21 woven from K-12
      5. Assessments do not match the lessons
      6. etc… Senator Patrick evaluated CSCOPE as being a mess.

      Texas Education Service Centers are at the bottom of all of this. Contact your senator and representative and request that the ESCs not be allowed to sell any products. This will put a stop to CSCOPE and will not allow them to create any future materials.

      Also ask your state senator to find out why the groups Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Boards. TASA and TASB are being financed with school taxes and why these groups are investigating ways to implement the Obama common core curriculum in our Texas Schools.

      • What are you basing these accusations off of?

      • Obama has nothing to do with this. Teachers are not forced to sign a gag order…or to sign anything. My wife is a principal of an elementary school that implemented CSCOPE this year. And although there have been struggles, and CSCOPE implementation certainly has its issues, many of the things that are being said on this website are outright lies.

        CSCOPE is a tool to organize the state’s MANDATED curriculum. Nothing more. It is a guide. Teachers are not required to do any of this stuff.

        • You are incorrect. It was a part of the stimulus. If your school accepted funds in was mandatory.

      • I agree with matt. Some of your information is misguided and completely untrue–specifically the gag order. Perhaps you should confirm your facts before blasting them on the internet and getting people all riled up over nothing!

        • KP,
          Are you a teacher? Do you teach in a CSCPE school? The gag order is true. Senator Patrick read it during the
          senate education committee meeting on CSCOPE. Check out the videos on this meeting.

    • Here is a video that talks about what type of things are in this program.

    • Because it denigrates Western civilization and promotes the intolerance of Islamic supremacy.

  20. Arthur Wagner says:

    Thank the Lord, my grandson is not in a CSCOPE school.
    I believe CSCOPE is EVIL.
    And we must stop this EVIL.

  21. I would never have heard of CSCOPE if it wasn’t for WND – World Net Daily news articles. We are lucky that are district does not use it. I will ask the board if they are considering it. People should be educated on the program. I have not heard a good thing. Private school is starting to sound good.

    It would be interesting to find out how this was started, who is responsible for the content and who lobbied to have it entered into the schools. It was not by accident.

  22. NOT in favor of CSCOPE

  23. The Lewisville ISD is NOT on the list. Thank God (Not ALLAH). or is the the Murderer of children, women and men in Medina. If Mohamed were alive today he would have met the same fate as Mussolini and Hitler.

  24. CSCOPE must be stopped. Kids don’t need to learn about all religions in school.

    • When do parents get to teach their children about faith, morality, and patriotic ideals? Cscope must be stopped!

      • Parents!!! DO NOT TRUST THAT YOUR SUPERINTENDENT IS MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES FOR YOUR CHILDREN. MORE THAN 80% of Texas Superintendents have purchased, sight unseen, CSCOPE. Let them know that you do not want this socialist indoctrinating curriculum in your schools.

      • “When do parents get to teach their children about faith, morality, and patriotic ideals?”-Marilyn

        Are you kidding me Marilyn? You don’t know when you should talk to your children and teach them values and morals and ethics? How a person should behave and carry on in society? Are you fucking serious? This country is lost because of nimwits like you. Thanks a lot. I bet you are one of those same brain dead idiots who always answer yes to sending more and more funding to the schools. Have you ever looked at how much they are taking already? Wake the hell up woman.

        • William Harrison says:


          Don’t be a jackass. This woman is clearly not on the side of this horribly misguided program. You can see what she was trying to say even if it wasn’t the clearest of statements. It was rhetorical in nature. In-fighting and knit-picking on the side of common sense is not good for anything.

        • C W Higbee says:

          Matt – You the same Matt who mentioned in earlier post that your wife was a school principal?

      • Beeta Houston says:

        GEt involved people even if your school is not being taught this. What they are teaching in other schools will influence your childs future… Get in the fight to stop this now.. Don’t wait for the minds of your children are very impressionable and they will retain this garbage of anti-americanism forever..!! STOP THIS RAPE OF OUR NATIONS TRUTHES AND CONSTITUTION. OUR MORALS AND OUR FREEDOMS ARE BEING STOLEN IN OUR CHILDREN BEING UNDERMINDED BY THE LIBERAL LEFT NOW.. GET INVOLVED AND SAVE THE FUTURE OF AMERICA FOR OUR CHILDREN. OR IT WILL BE AN ISLAMIC COUNTRY OR OTHER.

        • Please help stop CSCOPE. Our legislatures can only do so much. It will be parents and other patriots that will
          stop CSCOPE. Today!! Please take the time to write letters. Use the form letters provided in the following link.
          Add your own comments. Encourage friends and family to send out letters. If school administrators are flooded
          with letters letting them know that the community does not want CSCOPE, they will be forced to make changes.
          In Irving, Texas the school board is one vote short of declining the purchase of CSCOPE. Irving parents can make
          the difference in the votes of other school board members. Get involved.

    • What’s wrong with learning all religions? And broadening your horizons?

      • Learning about all religions is not what is happening. CSCOPE is more of a proselytizer for Islam and an anti-Christian and anti-American instruction material.
        Be part of the WomenOnThe Wall conference calls–Check here to sign up-

        There will be conference calls every week. Be part of them.
        Men and Women of Texas, speak OUT!!!

      • T. Baker says:

        . What is wrong with teaching all religions at a k12 age level? It is indoctrination!!! The parents are responsible for teaching about morality. Not the government or any state funded school supported by taxpayer money!! A childs mind must develop fully before introducing such things. Otherwise they are not able to choose for themselves. It is an individuals decision to be religious or not. NOBODY except the individual has the right to force a personal religious view or lack of it on a person at that age!

  25. shirley vanderau says:

    is this a recent list of all schools right now and do you update it if any have started complying with it….I did not see my daughters school district in here..I thank God they are not ..

    • Shirley,
      The CSCOPE directors do not want anyone to know which schools are using CSCOPE. It was difficult to get the list we have. Please call your daughter’s school and ask if they are using CSCOPE. Or, send me the name of the school and I will find out and let you know.

      • shirley vanderau says:

        Clear Creek Independent School District CCISD- my daughters school is James Hayden (Ross Elementary) I even went there from Kindergarten- ..back then the early 70’s things were very different .

        • Shirley,
          With the help of parents, schools again can be good again. Contact your state representative–demand a change. We are past asking nicely. It’s time to make demands, first to get CSCOPE out of our schools. Second, superintendents need to be brought to task for their part in buying CSCOPE. Superintendents are not concerned about education. They have a new vision for Texas education and CSCOPE has given us a good taste of what this new vision is all about.

          • From what I have observed, football is the most important thing in the district where I taught! Maybe our tax increase was to buy this crap or fix the new bleachers for the football field. Am glad I am retired and my grand kids are not in one of these schools.

      • I am appalled at the stories on this website. If the information is impossible to see then where are you all getting your information. At some point common sense should prevail but apparently not here!!! As a teacher I can tell you that you are out of line and Dont know what you are talking about.

        • Mary,
          I question that you are a teacher using CSCOPE. If you have actually used the CSCOPE lessons, you know that the information on this website is true. The information comes from teachers.
          Teachers that are concerned about the science errors and unsafe science lessons send copies of the CSCOPE lessons.
          Doesn’t it concern you that the lessons you are using are not make available to the public.

          Look on the CSCOPE website at the 8th grade science lessons for a convection box. This is grade 8 unit 08 Lesson 01.
          Notice that the instructions are for the teacher to set a rag on fire, then blow out the fire. One the rag is burning, blowing on it will cause hot embers to fly around. Not safe.
          Once the rag is smoking, smoke will diffuse through the classroom–what about kids with breathing problems?
          The smoke is to be part of an experiment. Those reading this can see the set up here:

          Also, the smoke could set off the smoke alarms–not good.

          • Obviously this particular lesson was set up to be performed in a lab area with extinguishers and fire blankets available (most classrooms have access to these items anyways). And there is a cautionary note in the lesson plan to be prepared for students who have breathing problems or allergies. Again, you are taking things out of context and blowing them up to be much bigger issues than they really are.

            • KP,
              We would like to think that all schools have safety materials as well as separate labs. Take a survey and
              you will find this not to be the case. Elementary schools–just check to see if goggles are available and if
              they are ask how they are sanitized. OOPS! This is often not considered if the goggles are available.
              As to most classroom having access to saftey materials–check it out for yourself.

      • Comal ISD is not on the list. Is there a way to make sure? With all the secrecy – I am not sure I trust asking the school directly

        • I do think your school will tell you if you call and ask.

        • Did you find out? That’s what district we are in too.

          • Many school districts have taken information about CSCOPE off their websites–this tell you that they are hiding the fact that they know that CSCOPE should be removed. So, why are our superintendents purchasing CSCOPE?
            The fact that superintendents are supporting with your school tax money a private organization called TASA, Texas Association of School Administrators is part of the problem. TASA has proposed ways to transform Texas Schools. YES! A Private organization financed with school taxes to the tune of about 30 million dollars each year from all the school districts, is working against the Texas State Testing. YES!!! I am saying that your superintendent and school board members have signed a pledge to not support the state tests. This is part of the transforming of Texas Education.
            If your school part of this it doesn’t matter if your superintendent has purchased CSCOPE or not, he or she is not providing the direction that prepares kids for the STAARS. The reverse is true. For more about this, see

      • Plano ISD isn’t on the list, yet I’ve seen the article on this site about a lawsuit being filed against the district by parents who don’t want their kids taking part in the “fuzzy” math as they call it. So is Plano using CSCOPE or not? Based on the mish-mash of nonsense that my daughters bring home for homework every day, my guess would be yes.


        • Leonard says:

          I am very curious about Plano ISD also. I do not want my daughters subjected to the aweful curriculum. I do not want my children indoctrinated into a socialist mindset what so ever.

      • Glenn Marsh says:

        Could you please check Leander ISD? Thank you!

  26. I see the list of current CSCOPE schools. Do you have a list of former CSCOPE schools, that is those that tried it and dumped it?

    Thanks for helping parents get information that schools should be providing.

  27. Janice VanCleave says:

    Thank you for creating a website for this information.
    Everyone needs to read it.


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