CSCOPE Has ZERO Student Instructions

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The video below shows Ginger Russell presenting information about CSCOPE.

Basically, Mrs. Russell is informing the group that CSCOPE curriculum doesn’t contain
lessons, instead CSCOPE curriculum are documents with the TEKS
written in different forms.

CSCOPE lessons are hidden from parent view. Teachers were forced
to sign a non-disclosure form preventing them from making public
the content of CSCOPE lessons.

Texas teachers could lose their jobs as well as have legal actions
taken by the company that owns CSCOPE if they reveal lesson content.

Some teachers are anonymously sending lessons, such as CSCOPE
World History unit 3, lesson 2 has web references with
anit-Chrisitan content. I’ll start making a list of the
CSCOPE lessons that have improper content not approved by
the SBOE as well as lessons and assessment errors teachers
can report to their administration.

Ginger is providing information that superintents need to listen to.
Since CSCOPE directors have encouraged school to purchase CSCOPE
instead of text books, they are not providing the required instructional
material for students. Thus, these schools may not be eligible to receive $$ from
the Instructional Materials Allotment.

Ms. Linda McCullough from Regional Education Service Center 11 confirms
that using text books is not supported by the representatives of CSCOPE.
See Ms. McCullough response to Ms. Russells presentation.

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