CSCOPE’s Money Trail?

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Nineteen of the Texas Education Service Centers put up $ 200K each (That’s 3.8 Million Dollars!) to fund the development of CSCOPE which has in turn been purchased by over 80% of Texas School Districts (over 2.5 million students). Where do you think the ESC’s got their money in the first place????

Calvin     Each ESC put up $200,000 for the development?

Terry Smith (Region 13)    The initial development, yes sir.

Audience  And why not make it a  private company? Now if I understand it, you are in a position to compete with vendors needing to protect materials. Basically people who are paid by the state –invested their resources to do this, why not make it private and make money? And not do it as part of the government?

Terry Smith   For one thing, we don’t have a vehicle to do this as service centers—we’re absolutely —typically I don’t think of us as a state agency. If it is in writing I guess we are a little bit—–but…

First and foremost –what we do is try to help school districts.

Our belief is that it is more cost effective for us to continue to do it than it would be to hand it over to someone who is more interested in just making a profit than serving school districts.

If there is anything extra, and I think we are in a deficit in the operating budget this year… but if there is anything extra it goes right back into the development.

Just in developing the parental portal—- that is going to be expensive.

We will have a whole new round of training of things that will come from when we move into our new technology system.

We are under all kinds of development time lines right now to take care of the new standards as school districts are struggling mightily to prepare for the new—the new exams STAAR and the end of course exams.

When we did the RSP for the technology company. There was some interest from the group –if there was a technology company who wanted to partner with us and move it more in that direction. But what we found was that there was no one who could meet… keep it the way it is .. like I said we are moving to a new technology company

…..but it is something we really haven’t considered…mainly because I think it is to the best interest of the school districts to keep doing it the way we are doing it.

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