CSCOPE : Mind Control

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  It is important to search for the truth.

1.  CSCOPE is based on the works, philosophy and ideology of Barack Obama’s education adviser, Linda Darling-Hammond, a humanist who has connections with Bill Ayers (Socialist).

2.  CSCOPE is based on the works, philosophy, and ideology of Lev Vygotsky, a marxist who had connection with Lenin.

3.  All listed CSCOPE experts, either directly or indirectly, are connected to the philosophy of Educational Progressivism (John Dewey, Atheist) aka Social Constructivism.

 Social constructivism is the social engineering approach of CSCOPE that eliminates a consistent source of authority of knowledge.

4. Traditional Fact Based Instruction is considered outdated. CSCOPE with its group think-tank instruction is more 21st century.

5.  CSCOPE eliminates a consistent source of truth- text books-teachers providing facts.

6. CSCOPE teaches students to question  standard knowledge; students have no security of consistent expectations. This is all disguised under the drive for social skills, through inquiry-discovery.

7.  CSCOPE has three things that are non-negotiable. What is taught.  When it is taught.  Why it is taught.

8. How it is taught is said to be negotiable, which are the CSCOPE lessons, but teachers are not given much flexibility because of the time schedule.

Has time passed so quickly that we have forgotten what mind-control is?
The burning of books?
The execution of academic leaders so the masses can remain controllable?

No, we have not burned books, but one school did shred old books so teachers would not have access to them. Reason given was to prevent teachers from using books that doesn’t provide the rigor required for the STAAR.

 CSCOPE has downgraded the importance of books.

Homework is downgraded as well so parental input is minimized.

The execution of leaders have not happened, but we have disabled and intimidated our teachers so drastically that they too have been minimized. CSCOPE trains administrators to be leery of veteran teachers, who are considered trouble makers.

Superintendents are the gatekeepers to the future of every child in their district. Superintendents are suppose to be wise enough to provide instruction material that will give children the tools needed for future success. Instead, our gatekeepers have their own agenda, which has nothing to do with rigor or the STAAR.  Our gatekeepers are marching to the TASA drummer. TASA announced in 2006 a mission for transforming schools. The same year, 2006, CSCOPE was introduced into the Texas public schools. CSCOPE and TASA have the same goals, which aligns with the constructivist philosophy of the Obama Common Core standards.

The public has been sold a misleading bill of goods….we were told that CSCOPE addresses the rigor of the STAAR…guaranteed!

 We were not told that social constructivism is a learning theory that has never proven to be more successful than direct instruction? (Ms. Hammond’s school in California closed due to failure arising from this approach).

What We Can Do:

 We all need to be more informed about what is happening in our public schools.

1. First ask to see the CSCOPE exemplar lessons and graded tests and worksheets.

2. Ask administrators at your child’s school for the credentials of the authors of the exemplar lessons in science, social studies, math and language arts. Who are they? Why have these authors made so many mistakes in content, grammar and spelling?

3. Ask for the credentials of the designers of the YAG. This is the Timeline for every subject.
What special accomplishment gives them the right to determine the length of study on any topic….for all students across Texas?

4. Ask for the names of the editing board who has failed to align lessons with test questions.

5. Ask for the connection between personnel at CSCOPE and at STAAR. What special non-conflict-of interest relationship gives them so much insight into this test, that they can guarantee better STAAR results?

6. CSCOPE has been in place for 6 years and yet we still have teachers who are quitting over it; students who are so stressed that they require medical attention and parents who are moving their children to Non-CSCOPE schools.

7. Ask questions.  Go to  Examine what others have discovered.

8. Parents can volunteer to substitute teach. Volunteer to help teachers. Find out what is happening in the school.

Our children are worth the time to ask questions….to demand answers…. to inform the public…to change course.


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