CSCOPE: Kids Teach Kids

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CSCOPE is a progressive education method in which kids teach each other. Kids are shown discussing their Un-Schooling CSCOPE Curriculum.

Why send kids to school if they are being taught by their peers?

CSCOPE promotes the idea that teachers are not smart. Thus, they are given scripts. How long will CSCOPE need teachers? After all, according to the CSCOPE philosophy, Kids can teach each other.

Comments from Online

C-scope is the next step toward sitting the kids down in front of the bigscreen and hitting the “teach” button on the computer.

There is no individuality, no creativity, no room for presentation presented with personality.

It (CSCOPE) is SCRIPT! Here’s the TRUTH:
1. GREAT TEACHERS hate C-scope.
2. Good teachers hate C-scope.
[These are generally veteran teachers that CSCOPE encourages administrators to watch out for.]  

3. So-So teachers just usually do whatever will keep the kids busy.

4. Teachers, who really do not need to be in the classroom, LOVE C-scope because it tells them what to say and do.

5.  Administrators LOVE C-scope because when a parent complains that their little Johnny isn’t being taught anything, then the administrator can whip out C-scope, show it to the parent to appease them, then call in the teacher to find out why they aren’t following the lesson plans C-scope lays out!!!

6. C-scope does not CREATE good teaching, and anyone who thinks it does shouldn’t even be in education!

7. CScope is like being micromanaged and we certainly have and have had some principals that love to do this.  AMEN!  

CSCOPE Insults Qualified Teachers (These are Teachers CSCOPE is Watching.)

8. (CSCOPE) It is a control and any teacher who strays from their “formula” is watched.
I do know they (CSCOPE Lessons) have scripts because I subbed for a teacher that left me the script to be followed! To be sure I want to teach correctly, but if I were the regular teacher, I would be insulted to think that I couldn’t figure this out after going to college, seminars, etc…It makes me wonder how I was ever taught back in the dark ages when teachers could really teach, not perform according to the script.

As for CSCOPE, why do alterations and revisions need to be made to a curriculum that costs over 20,000 dollars PER YEAR? I’m assuming you weren’t a teacher when you were employed with the district. If you were, you would know of the poor sequencing and errors in CSCOPE and all of the time teachers spend correcting it (during the school year and the summer)…time that should be spent on our students.

Teachers Who Speak Against CSCOPE Are Punished

You would know that when we try to speak up, we start getting more “walk throughs” that go on our PDAS evaluations. You would know why it’s so frustrating as a teacher to have your hands tied while you are trying to inspire children to think for themselves…beyond a multiple choice test.



This program is AWFUL!!! We implemented it and everyone hated it. It’s natural for some teachers to balk at new things, but I kid you not..I did not hear ONE positive comment out of our entire district (and we are big). I will say that the math and science seemed better than the ELA and Social Studies component. The Reading is a bunch of fluff. There are no reading materials provided, so you have to find all your own stuff and try to tie their lessons into the books you can find. In social studies, it’s tons of preparation and no reading material. You have to find the material to support their lessons through your social studies text or library. I don’t know what they mean when they say everything is provided! All the lessons are provided (in a sequence that is choppy and makes no sense to most of us), but the materials to do the lessons have to be found elsewhere. Half way through the year, it was just basically ignored by all. I hope the writers of this program took the feedback and made some major changes to improve this for the upcoming year. If you want to hear more negative stuff (as if I haven’t provided enough of that, right?), try going to and click on the state message boards, choose Texas and you will find LOTS of threads about specific problems. I don’t think you will find anything positive though. Good luck!

I have been teaching a long time and never have seen such a mess and they call this a curriculum. If your district is implementing this plan on late nights at school. I stay at school until 6 or 6:30 every night just so I can be ready for the next day. I have taught it for 6 weeks now. It jumps from this concept to that in a matter of 2 or 3 days and there is no re-teach time. So your kids better get it the first time. Some lessons are way over their heads and some lessons are low low.

And it assumes that every kid knows the same thing. So if you get a kid that doesn’t know as much you have lost him at the begining. I am not a negitive person and I like trying new techniques and curriculums but this needs to be burned. The lessons do not flow. You as a teacher are jumping from rainbows in science to school authorities in S/S and math in not to bad but we are been on 1-5 for 6 weeks. And Hey next week we start patterning. And the 6 weeks assessments are a joke. Example the 1st 6 weeks in science on the assessment we are to test them of plant growth from a seed using sequencing cards. We did not teach plant growth in any of the Cscope lessons this 6 weeks. Where did that come from. But we have to test. And in 1st grade those babies are expected to write a story with 8 complete sentences on the second day of school. I am not happy and I don’t know if I will continue teaching in this district or not.

C-Scope is the worst curriculum! It is put the students in groups everyday while they teach themselves then teach the class. Can you imagine your students learning depending on the teaching of other students for almost EVERY lesson! Ridiculous! Also, several lessons just hand the student a printed sheet or printed notes then they copy them onto another paper. Come On! The C-Scope people say they are actual lessons by real teachers but who is to say that those teachers have better lessons than you were already teaching. And all your good stuff goes out the window because all those kids presenting every other day takes up way too much time. C-Scope does have a FEW good lessons and as a resource C-Scope would be great! Too bad though that our district is enforcing this as our full curriculum and not just as a resource.

PLEASE don’t try to downplay the horrible nature of CSCOPE. It is a program that stifles the creative nature of a good teacher, wastes an exhorbitant amount of time and materials (reams and reams of paper for the IFD’s alone!) an frustrates staff and students alike. Our school budget was cut by 70% so we could pay curriculum specialists’ salaries and purchase CScope. Field trips, special events, student activity funds, supplements for non-core classes—-no money. All funneled into CScope.

My 9th and 10th grade students are floundering in this sea of ridiculuous performance indicator driven dribble. For example…instead of me demonstrating and presenting TAKS tested objectives on fluids (hydraulics, viscosity, Bernoulli’s principle, Pascal’s Principle, etc) the Perf. Ind was for students to get in groups and research these and teach each other. NO labs…and for a district our size…we don’t have enough computers for four classes of 20 kids each period to be doing online research. I faced off with the curriculum director and said “I won’t!” and used my own labs and PowerPoint presentation animated notes. I’ll probably be in trouble though.

Where are the 40% labs mandated by the state? Our district’s implementation was punctuated with “this in non-negotiable” (ie – the performance indicators). The World History teacher is on his 6th project (2nd week of school here!) and the students are literally begging “can we have written notes on this? I don’t understand it this way…”. There is a time and place for group work. I do it all the time; however, teachers are still the primary facilitators.

Good luck to anyone involved in implementation. I feel sorry for the students and teachers involved. I feel sorry for myself….

C-Scope is a nightmare for middle school science. Activities do NOT match the TEKS. There are errors everywhere. Too much time for some topics, not enough for others. Many objective don’t make sense. I can’t stand it.

Some describe CSCOPE as creating a Gestapo-like atmosphere. Is this what you want for your children.









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