CSCOPE is All About Agenda 21

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Find out about Agenda 21 and you will understand more about why CSCOPE is so dangerous.

CSCOPE instruction materials models the constructivist theory of learning.

The objective of Agenda 21 is for a one world government–directed by the UN. For America to be controlled
by the UN, American citizens must be dumbed down. CSCOPE is doing just that.

According to Agenda 21, Constructivism  teaching philosophy —-“…students construct (their own) understandings of reality, and (realize) that objective reality is not knowable.”

Another description of constructivism is, “The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values”

How effective would be the constructivist philosophy in medical school? Anyone want to be operated on by a doctor who is not interested in facts?


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  1. Yeah Laurie! The crap is getting deep on this page! Its almost to the top of my monitor. As they say ignorance is bliss.

  2. Neva Kelly says:

    Actually, they learn about the Boston Tea Party in eighth grade US History.

  3. Sonja Williams says:

    1. Can you tell me directly where to find links to Agenda 21 and CScope? How have you concluded that CScope promotes this Agenda 21?

    2. Are you aware that these terms and concepts highlighted above are taught in every major, reputable currciulum that deals with social issues (i.e. government, social studies, history) on the market?

    3. Would you NOT want them taught to children? If the only way to be alert and avoid harm is to acknowledge the threats, why would you not want your children to be taught to understand the threat so you could defend yourself against it? The way I see it, this concept is the backbone to the entire anti-CScope movement. If you know and understand a threat, you can protect yourself. Do you really want an education where difficult topics are simply – removed??? I’m so confused. As a mom, I teach my children to avoid harm by teaching them to identify and understand the threats around them.

    I truly appreciate your team addressing my questions.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      The major problem with CSCOPE is that it is biased.

      I’ll use the Boston Tea Party as an example since most are familiar with this CSCOPE lessons.

      The students were never given the background for the Boston Tea Party. They were not given information about what the action was all about.

      When you start a lesson about terrorism and read from what is suppose to be a current news bulletin about terrorists (yes this was part of the recitation), you
      have already influenced the opinion of the audience. This is the biased tactics used in the CSCOPE instruction materials as well as in the CSCOPE assessments.

  4. retired and happy says:

    Recently, Jim Marrs and Rosa Koire, an expert on Agenda 21, spoke in Bastrop, Texas. (Rosa Koire is the author of the book, Behind the Green Mask. Anyone interested in Agenda 21 needs to read this book. I couldn’t put it down.)
    Also speaking was Mary Bowen who spoke on C-Scope. Her speech was brief but informative.
    This program is presented in full in 8 parts on YouTube. The entire program was awesome.
    TITLE on YouTube: “Jim Marrs and Rosa Koire vs Agenda 21 in Bastrop Tx”
    Mrs Bowen ‘s presentation begins in part 1 approx. at the 10:55 minute marker and completes on part 2. (part 1) (part 2)

  5. Ok parents need to home school there children is there any better teacher than a mom or dad who loves there kids and wants the best for there kids? The time is to short in our childrens lives to be indoctrinated into a One World Order a world ruled by evil agendas where people are less important than the earth or animals. There is a difference in what is right and what is wrong and we do need to teach our children and take them to church and teach them to pray and be a good example to them. God bless This Nation and God Bless Texas in the fight between good and evil. Prayers and Love , Sherry

    • I agree that homeschooling today would be best, but not realistic for all parents. Parents are going to have
      to ban together, go to their schools and demand copies of the CSCOPE lessons and worksheets used. If CSCOPE
      has been purchased, don’t take an answer that the lessons are not being used. Parents have a right to take home and study the lessons. Parents have a right to view the CSCOPE assessments given to their children. Yes, it takes time. But, yes it will be worth the effort. Form groups, take turns reviewing tests for specific grade levels. Document everything. Contact Senator Patrick and let him know that you want CSCOPE out of your school.
      Use this link for a sample request with state code of your rights as a parent,

      3. Encourage everyone to contact Senator Patrick to remove CSCOPE from Texas Schools. Sen Patrick needs support of Texans to remove CSCOPE.
      Tweet Dan Patrick Here:
      Call Dan Patrick’s Office Here:    1-512-463-0107

      FYI: Senator Patrick and Senator Campbell –Senate bill that will give legislatures power to stop CSCOPE. Please contact your state represenatives.

  6. Crap is to good a word to describe this…

  7. Cscope is all about indoctrinating our children with Agenda 21 and a global economy. From K-12 the material is teaching kids that we are going to have scarce resources to live. Common terms throughout Cscope, include: scarcity, global economy, globalization, sustainable development.

    Parents!! Wake up! Get involved! Demand answers as to why your school district is spending your tax money on this CRAP!


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