CSCOPE Intimidates Teachers

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CSCOPE directors send intimidating emails to schools of teachers who spoke out against CSCOPETeachers who spoke against CSCOPE  at the State Board of Education CSCOPE meeting have received emails from two CSCOPE directors:
                  1. Cindy Hamilton, CSCOPE director of ESC 13
                  2. Wade Lebay, State CSCOPE director

Cindy’s Email

Cindy’s email contained a link to the State Board of Education webcast of teachers and others testifying against CSCOPE. Cindy emailed this to the testifying teachers and the entire staff where these educators teach.
              Was the point to identify the person(s) who spoke against CSCOPE?
If TESCCC,inc, the company who owns CSCOPE is a vendor and CSCOPE is a product, then why is a vendor representative allowed to intimidate teachers for speaking negatively against the product?
Cindy has also visited the classroom of one of the teachers who testified against CSCOPE?
                               More intimidation?
Why is a vendor representative allowed to intimidate teachers who testified against CSCOPE?
Why are superintendents allowing the representative of a vendor to intimidate their teachers? What control does the vendor (TESCCC,inc.) have over Texas Superintendents?
I find it unusual that superintendents so adamantly defend CSCOPE, an instructional material. I’ve never known a superintendent to be so defensive about text books that teachers don’t like.

 —–Original Message—– Copy of Cindy’s Email

From: Cindy Hamilton []

Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 7:22 PM

To: CSCOPE Teacher

Subject: Fwd: State CSCOPE Communication

Good evening.

As you may be aware, an outgoing member of the State Board of Education’s Committee on Instruction requested that the TESCCC make available information to assist the committee in better understanding the CSCOPE Curriculum Management System. At the November 15th meeting, there were several people, including teachers, vendors, and community members, who made comments about their experiences with and opinions about CSCOPE, both in support of and in opposition to use of the CSCOPE curriculum. You may view the webcast at It is several hours long.

Attached to this email you will find a letter from Wade Labay, Director of State CSCOPE which provides further information addressing some of the inaccurate claims made at this meeting.

We here at Region XIII continue to welcome your feedback, as always. We value our partnership as you in the districts work hard to ensure that all students receive a quality education, and we are most thankful to be working with you.

I hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving break.



Wade Lebay’s Email 

Have you ever received a letter from a representative of a vendor discrediting people who gave a negative review of their product?

Why are superintendents allowing vendors to intimidate their teachers. Any superintendent worth his/her salt would not have purchased a product sight unseen.
Teachers would not have had to go to the state board of education if they had included their teachers in the evaluation of the CSCOPE product. No, they bought it because–this is the big question. Why are superintendents purchasing CSCOPE?

Here is Wade’s email.  

Texas Education Service Center Curriculum Collaborative (TESCCC)
ESC Region 13 (Fiscal Agent)
5701 Springdale Rd. Austin, TX 78723
TESCCC Page 1 of 2
November 20, 2012
The TESCCC has become aware of some individuals and groups distributing inaccurate information and misrepresenting CSCOPE content to school and community members of districts using the CSCOPE curriculum system. For example, during the public testimony portion of a meeting of the State Board of Education (SBOE) on November 15, 2012, where the TESCCC was invited to present information about CSCOPE, individuals affiliated with these groups made some distorted and misleading claims regarding the curriculum.
It is always best to recognize the source and reliability of any CSCOPE information being distributed or referenced. Individuals who are not authorized users of the CSCOPE system and do not fully understand the design and intent of the state standards (TEKS) and CSCOPE content are likely to not have all the facts before them.
An updated CSCOPE Frequently Asked Questions is available at to assist with most general questions; however, additional clarification regarding these recent messages and online postings is provided below:
1. The CSCOPE World History content on Islam and the Boston Tea Party presented at the November 15 SBOE meeting (and referenced in recent messages by CSCOPE detractors) is associated with the previous (and now outdated) SBOE adopted Social Studies standards. None of the World History content referenced in this messaging exists in the current CSCOPE system.
2. New Social Studies TEKS were implemented by the state in the fall of 2011, and CSCOPE is providing new Social Studies lessons for the 2012-13 school year.
3. The referenced CSCOPE World History content is taken out of context, creating an inaccurate portrayal of lesson design and intent. Drawing conclusions based on isolated portions of CSCOPE content is not recommended.
4. CSCOPE lessons do involve critical thinking and an understanding of perspective, but they do not promote any special interest.
5. CSCOPE is a continuously improving/evolving system. Each year, content is updated and enhanced for districts and is always aligned to current state adopted TEKS.
6. CSCOPE District User License Agreements and individual Terms of Use agreements DO NOT forbid or prevent districts or teachers from allowing parents to view CSCOPE content that is being used in the classroom. The process for parents being able to view CSCOPE is based on district policy.
TESCCC Page 2 of 2
CSCOPE is built on the belief that feedback is an essential part of our collaborative’s responsibility and growth. Whether from authorized users or the general public, all feedback is acknowledged and respected. We also believe in the importance of meaningful dialogue when any questions or concerns may arise regarding the CSCOPE system or its content.
Therefore, we encourage district leaders, board members, parents, and community members to ask questions and to evaluate the validity and reliability of any information they may receive about CSCOPE. Your local school district or supporting education service center CSCOPE contact is the best source for information and to answer questions. The TESCCC is privileged to be associated with your district and to assist teachers in improving the learning process for their students.
Wade N. Labay, Ed.D.
Director, State CSCOPE
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  1. Steffani Jones says:

    I still love how they keep using the term authorized users. I also love how they keep trying to defend themselves with the comments of CSCOPE District User License Agreements and individual Terms of Use agreements DO NOT forbid or prevent districts or teachers from allowing parents to view CSCOPE content that is being used in the classroom. The process for parents being able to view CSCOPE is based on district policy. But, they require teachers and other users to sign non disclosure documents.