CSCOPE Hurts Children

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Wagon labeled CSCOPE EXPRESS is being pulled so fast that one child falls out and is left behind.  To Parents:
CSCOPE is Hurting Your Children

All the comments are referenced.  No one should hurt a child. No curriculum should hurt a child.

Parents –Teachers–Everyone— CSCOPE is cheating children out of an education as well as emotionally hurting them.

Send your comments. Take a stand against CSCOPE. Ask your superintendent to explain why this unapproved–supplementary instruction material is being used.

Online Comments with sources::

On 9/13/12, Heavy hearted teacher/parent wrote: 

> I’m sitting here shaking on the inside after having to help my tearful 5th grader with very confusing CSCOPE math worksheets. School shouldn’t have to suck this bad for a  kid. This is our third year of having to do homework that usually involves tears at some point.

> So freaking tired of this crap. It’s only the fourth week of school and we are all depressed.

Re: Geometry @ EHS

Math is cumulative, Eastland is making teachers use Cscope. I have no knowledge of the quality of the teaching abilities of the said teacher. I do know that Csope assumes that students live in a prefect world and have tons of prior knowledge. In training we were told that we do not slow up if students do not understand and reteach them, they will get it next year.

The trainer (CSCOPE) said that some kids will fall off of the back of the wagon.

My school stopped using Cscope after the first 6 weeks, because 80% of the kids were learning very little.

Cscope is failing to meet the student’s educational needs big time, especially in math. Many schools are having a hard time admitting that Cscope is hurting their students, because they invested so much money into it My son has a math, phy science principle, counselor, and superintends certifications. He is about half way through his Phd, and he tells me that an enormous amount damage will be done to Cscope students before it is discarded.

I would encourage Parents to be proactive in their child’s education and watch very closely any experimental program being use on their children like Cscope.

Anyone old enough to remember “New Math”?

  Originally Posted by Julie 

Is there a way to explain what the difference is in teaching math the way it’s been taught and this Cscope program?

Cscope is based on peer teaching in small groups. The teacher observes,but does very little teaching. The idea is that students teach each other, rather than being taught by a teacher. Hard for a student t teach others his age how to do polynomials if they have never done them.

I noticed in social studies that in the small groups , one student in each group did all the work while the others goofed off. Cscope has only one test every three weeks, so the goof off students all fail to grasp the concept and many of the leaders. NO RETEACHING you move on.

My son was at a Cscope conference where the statement was make

“Can you believe there are still class rooms where the teacher stands in front of the class and teaches, teaching should be done by peers”

 While I agree that peer teaching is a good tool,it is foolish to base all learning on it. The Bible addresses such “When the blind lead the blind, they both fall all in the ditch”

And Jesus spake a parable unto them, “Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?” Luke 6:39

Peer Teaching Example

 It would be a Cscope concept for me to teach you how rebuild a diesel engine even though I know nothing about diesel engines. That would be peer teaching.

 It is insane to expect most math students to teach each other complex math concepts where they have no prior knowledge. It is like re-inventing the wheel at every turn, a few really bright students might be able to, but most can’t.


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