CSCOPE -Gov. Perry?

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An hour glass is used to represent the precious time that has been lost using CSCOPE in Texas public schools. Children's education is important. Governor Perry, Texas School Children Need Your Help!

Get rid of CSCOPE!


Back when Gov. Perry was running in the Presidential primaries, Pam Geller came out with an article that tied him to Aga Khan before 9/11. That same article referred to curriculum used in the Texas public schools (2001 or so) that definitely showed the Saudis had been “white-washed” after 9/11. In fact, the fellow who ran against SBOE Member Ken Mercer (Tim Tuggey) lost his bid to unseat Mercer several years ago because we were able to show that Tuggey and his law firm had made millions when they were hired by the Saudis to try to “rewrite history” to make them look innocent of 9/11. It was that effort by the Saudis to whitewash themselves that showed up in our students’ textbooks.

Of course, Geller was very unpopular for raising that issue right when Gov. Perry was building his campaign for President; and as you remember, many Texans wanted him to get it. I think he is a much better Governor now than he was when he first started, but I definitely did not feel he was ready for the White House and stated so in numerous articles.

I do believe that Gov. Perry has become a much more mature Christian as the years have gone by; but he is still a politician. He should have done something about CSCOPE long ago instead of trying to avoid getting involved. Now Geller’s article may force him to take action because I have an idea he is positioning himself to run for the Presidency in 2016.

I am going to send this Geller article to Gov. Perry’s staffers to see if it will push him to take action against CSCOPE. I have already sent him the WND/Griffing articles.


Donna Garner



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  1. shirley vanderau says:

    Has Governor Perry responded to this letter?