CSCOPE Educanese Dictionary

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Translation of CSCOPE Educanese.

The CSCOPE Educanese disctionary below is being constructed to help parents understand what administrators trained in Educanese are talking about.
Yes, CSCOPE administrators purposely use terms they know that parents do not understand. It is a way of discouraging parents from being involved
in the education of their children. It helps CSCOPE to easily reform the conservative, Christian values of our children.

CSCOPE's progressive method only sounds good, but the truth is depressing.

Much more will be added. Post your own translation of CSCOPE Educanese.

Term CSCOPE Educanese Texas English
curriculum Four documents with the TEKS,state standards,
organized in different formatats.
VAD, YAG, IFO, Matrix
Lesson concepts (keyed to TEKS), teaching suggestions, and references.
State adopted text book pages identified. Sequence of presentation.In other words, the Scope and Sequence
 YAG  A list of TEKS bundled by grading periods. CSCOPE's example of a scope and sequence, which is only the TEKS bundled by grading periods.  YAG doesn’t have any real meaning.If schools want a scope and sequence, it would not cost them millions to create it.
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