A Concise Description of CSCOPE: Part 1

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A Concise Description of CSCOPE Part 1

W hat is CSCOPE? Is it a monitoring system?

I do so appreciate your questions. The problem with CSCOPE is that the description
advertised is coded with educational terms given new meanings.
For example: CSCOPE curriculum does not contain lessons.
Let me explain.
CSCOPE is a managing system. (A teacher described it as a micromanaging of teachers.)
CSCOPE can be broken into three parts:
1. CSCOPE Curriculum made up of:
     VAD, IFD, YAG, and TEKS verification chart
2. Exemplar Lessons (In comparison to other online instruction materials with lessons, the CSCOPE lessons rate low.)
3. Assessments (Not prepared by the author of the lessons, some do not match the TEKS for the grade level being assessed, some do not match the content of the lessons.)

More About the CSCOPE Curriculum?

The CSCOPE curriculum contains the TEKS written in different forms.
CSCOPE curriculum  contains  four separate documents that have the state standards,
the TEKS, listed in various formats. It is a very clever advertising tactic to refer to these
documents as a curriculum. Most educators assume that a curriculum contains lessons.The four documents that make up the CSCOPE curriculum are:
1. The Vertical Alignment (VAG), which is a list of TEKS for three consecutive
grades for a specific subject. This is promoted as being an innovative idea –a must
for teachers to successfully present all the elements of the TEKS and a way for teachers
to not to teach information taught the previous or following year.
TEXT BOOKS nicely monitored this, but CSCOPE is promoted as being inexpensive
because schools using CSCOPE don’t need text books.  Books are said to
be an outdated method of obtaining information since text books are used for maybe six years.
More about text books later.Superintendents that are smart have not purchased CSCOPE. Instead, these
superintendents have their teachers use the free  K-12 vertical alignment found
on the TEA website. Click for the  K-12 TEKS vertical alignment for every subject.Bottom line, the CSCOPE vertical alignment is nothing more than a copy of material from
the Texas Education Agencies website.
A section from a CSCOPE science vertical alignment document is attached.The part in blue
type is called the CSCOPE specificities, which is how CSCOPE clarifies the TEKS for
teachers. I pointed out that the specificities were the TEKS in outline form. The explanation
is that the important verbs are identified for teachers. AND SUPERINTENDENTS BOUGHT
THIS?2. The Information Focus Document, (IFD), which is a copy of the TEKS for a specific
unit of study in a subject. Again, the TEA website’s vertical alignment is divided into to
specific units of study, such as physical properties for K-12 science, Energy for K-12 science, etc.

There is included comments intended to assist teachers, but these are not always correct. About
90% of the IFD document are TEKS copied word-for-word from the TEA website.

Superintendents that are smart have their teachers use the K-12 vertical alignment found
on the TEA website. Click for the  K-12 TEKS vertical alignment for every subject.

Something is wrong when 80% of the superintendents in Texas can be sold a K-12  supplementary
instructional material that is not on the TEA approved list for instructional materials.
To view the CSCOPE materials, one has to sign a non-disclosure document, which states you
will not reveal anything about the content of CSCOPE. Because of this, it has taken me
a year to discover that CSCOPE is comparable to the Emperor’s clothes in the children’s
book, “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” The Emperor’s clothes were suppose to be made of
special cloth that anyone that could not see it were stupid. There was no cloth and it took a
child who announced the “Emperor has no clothes” for the Emperor to acknowledge this.

What is it going to take for superintendents to stop covering up and admitting that they
did not evaluate the content of CSCOPE. Instead, superintendents and school board
members took the word of the CSCOPE representatives from their local regional
service center. Superintendents as well as TESCCC, the company reported to be the
owner of CSCOPE have gone to extremes to cover the content of the CSCOPE curriculum,
as well as the instructional materials (explained later). They don’t want the public to know
that the CSCOPE curriculum content is costing $10.00 per student per year plus
other fees and installation costs and maintenance when the same information
is free on the TEA website.

3. The Year at a Glance (YAG), which is the ONLY part of the CSCOPE that is an
original document. This is the CSCOPE Scope and Sequence and it is the document
that CSCOPE school districts claim is worth the fees paid.
I have attached a section of a CSCOPE YAG. It covers a 9-wk grading period. When
you view this file, know that this is what CSCOPE is most proud of. Know that teachers
are FORCED (information later) to follow. Also remember that most CSCOPE teachers
do not have text books for their students.

What do you think? Telling teachers that they must spend 18 days for unit 02:
Physical Properties of Matter and that their lessons must represent these
state standards, 5.2D, F and 5.5 ABCD

Teachers are monitored either by administrators or hired personnel. CSCOPE
trains these people for a fee, so that they know how to walk into a teacher’s
class and determine if the teacher is following the CSCOPE Scope and Sequence.
Since CSCOPE is a constructivist-progressive-authenic style of teaching, student
participation is the important thing. Correct answers are not as important as
participation. In fact, in reference to using library books, authentic reading
means the students have the right to choose what ever they want to read and
comic book type materials are being purchased. The student has the right
not to read at all or to read part of a book.

4. The TEKS verification matrix– You have to see this. Know that there is
no information identifying the lessons where the TEKS are presented.

There is so much more. I’ll label this part 1 and continue the rest of the
information the this website:  www.txCscopeReview.com

The best part is yet to be discussed.
In conclusion, the scope and sequence makes up about 90% of the
CSCOPE managing system–this includes the monitoring of teachers.
Part 2 contains information about how teachers have been gagged, Muslims
described as peaceful and tolerant, references to Christianity being a cult,
misrepresentation of the Bill of Rights, etc…

A Concise Description of CSCOPE: Part 2


Where is the cscope/student interface?

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