CSCOPE Curriculum Components

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What is CSCOPE Curriculum?

The components of CSCOPE curriculum are: YAGs,CSCOPE YAG (Year at a Glance) is the scope and sequence that teachers are forced to use. VADs. IFDs, , and Verification of TEKS

1. YAG Year at a Glance, a list of TEKS for a specific grade level subject divided into grading periods.

2. VAD Vertical Alignment Document, a comparison of TEKS for three grade levels.

3. IFD Information Focus Document, a list of TEKS for a specific grade level topic plus a few CSCOPE notes.

4. Verification of TEKS A list of TEKS for a grade level subject noting the grading period specific TEKS are to be taught.


Notice that the each component of CSCOPE curriculum contains TEKS.  See for yourself that CSCOPE curriculum are documents with the TEKS for a specific grade level subject  by looking at the samples on the CSCOPE website.

What is CSCOPE Year at a Glance (YAG)?

Below is a sample for a CSCOPE YAG for 5th grade science. This sample and others are found on the CSCOPE website.

Note that the sample YAG is a list of 5th grade Science TEKS grouped by unit titles and divided into grading periods.

Some CSCOPE schools only purchase CSCOPE curriculum, which does not contain instructional materials called exemplar lessons.

CSCOPE is a managing system. But instead of managing data, CSCOPE manages teachers. Actually, a teacher described it as micromanaging.

Notice the number of days listed for each unit. The objective of CSCOPE is common language, which means that every 5th grade science teacher in Texas would be teaching “Science Safety and Journaling” on the same  two days. This allows a student to transfer from to a new school and enter on the same page as students in his new school.

Who dreams up stuff like this? Did they study a weather map of Texas during hurricane season? My point is that the idea of every school in Texas teaching the same thing on the same day is ludicrous.

So why are teachers being forced to not vary from the CSCOPE scope and sequence? What is the real objective of the CSCOPE managing system?

CSCOPE's scope and sequence for 5th grade science called Year at a Glance

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  1. shirley vanderau says:

    Hi Janice, this is what I found on the CCISD site..I searched YAG and this is what came up a sample of 6the grade Social Studies..

    • Hi Shirley,
      I’ll cut and past this sample later. For now, it appears that what you are viewing is something the school designed using the CSCOPE YAG, school calendar, and CSCOPE lessons. Since the school is paying a lot of money and forcing teachers to use the CSCOPE scope and sequence (YAG) a lot of extra time is being spent by teachers developing something the school is paying for. The teachers must do this for free instead of being paid to write a curriculum that is more useful for their school.