CSCOPE’S Christmas Parody

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Christmas songs about Jesus' birth used to write a CSCOPE Christmas parody.

A Parody is any humorous, imitation of a person or event, such as CSCOPE’s parady of Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Cscope has recently been accused of being pro-Islamic and anti-Christian. The accusations referred to the amount of Islamic material in CSCOPE lessons vs. the amount of Christian material.

There has been no documentation from TESCCC, company that owns CSCOPE, to refute this accusation. The CSCOPE director from one of the education service centers who helped create and now sells CSCOPE says CSCOPE is wonderful and fairly represents all religions. The majority of the Irving School Board accepted this and students in the Irving ISD are still being indoctrinated by the pro-Islamic, anti-Christian CSCOPE lessons.

The DUH! award goes to Irving ISD’s School Board for asking the company that sells CSCOPE if CSCOPE is a good product.  

Maybe Irving ISD’s administrators and school board attended the CSCOPE Christmas parady workshop at the 2012 CSCOPE Convention. Following are slides copied from the activities using a Christmas theme to teach administrators about CSCOPE. The entire power point can be found here. Since CSCOPE authors present Christianity from some warped view point, using Christmas as the theme for a humorous CSCOPE workshop says CSCOPE has no respect for Christians or their religion.

Cscope Christmas Joke

Am I being too sensitive about using Christmas carols? UUM! Would a Muslim be upset if the theme for the workshop was Ramadan?

A spoof including CSCOPE state director Wade Lebay would be a funny activity, but not when song titles about Jesus Christ's birth is part of the parody.

CSCOPE has no respect for Christians or their religious holidays.

Look at the Rudolph Reflective Activity using the poen, “The Night Before Christmas.”

1. Teachers are also the butt of  CSCOPE jokes. Before CSCOPE teachers are said to have been useless.

2. Students represented by Frosty the Snowman and the Little Drummer Boy. “The Little Drummer Boy” tells a beautiful story of a child bringing his best to the new born king, the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.

CSCOPE presents this child as a lazy student sleeping in class dreaming of gifts he wanted.

If CSCOPE directors promote such open twisting of Christian ideas, what is CSCOPE hiding in the lessons being presented to our children.

“What Child is This” and “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” are sacred songs. Granted, Christmas has two parts, Santa and the gift giving is more secular for some. For others it is a beautiful time of special sharing. To relate this to any part of CSCOPE ——–no words can describe CSCOPE’s intent to destroy positive images–Christian religious images.

Just how far will CSCOPE go to breakdown the fiber that has been part of American culture and the Christian religion. Using song title about the birth of Jesus to write CSCOPE activities was  deliberate and and an act of sacrilegious intent.




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  1. I’m sorry, I don’t see the Christmas joke or parody here. How are they mocking Christianity or Christ in this set of slides…?

    • Andy,
      I could care less about making Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer have new words, but
      I don’t like using Christmas songs that relate to Jesus Christ with word changes to
      advertise CSCOPE.