CSCOPE Lesson: Christianity is a Cult

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CSCOPE World History Lessons Introduce Christianity as a Cult

Teachers are providing more examples of CSCOPE lessons that are not aligned with the Texas
education standards called the TEKS.

According to the CSCOPE directors, religious content in CSCOPE is fairly represented. If this is
true, then CSCOPE lessons referring to Islam, Judaism and other religions as a cult are part of
the CSCOPE world history course. If these lessons are located, please send them to confirm
equal representation.

For now, the CSCOPE lesson referring to Christianity as a cult and worse has been identified.

CSCOPE World History Unit 3 Lesson 02

1. Jesus’ death and resurrection paralleled to the death and resurrection of Oairis and Mithraism.

The Nazarethans after Jesus 

After the death of Jesus by the Roman authorities on the cross on a Friday, it was said he went to heaven to join his heavenly father on Sunday.  His death and resurrection paralleled the death and resurrection in the story of Osiris (ancient Egypt) and especially Mithraism, when the Persian god Mithra came to earth to atone for human sins, was executed, and rose from the dead.  Jesus’s disciples continued to spread his message, and in the process reinterpreted the laws of God from “eye for an eye” punishment for human sins to love and forgiveness of human sins by God through the sacrifice of his son Jesus.

2. Christians referred to as a cult-accused of incest, cannibalism (Eucharist), agape love-feast

Christianity and the Roman Empire 

By Dr Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe

Last updated 2011-02-17

In the space of a few hundred years, a small, often brutally persecuted cult rose to become the dominant religion of the West. How did it happen?

Contemporary pagan and Christian sources preserve other accusations leveled against the Christians. These included charges of incest and cannibalism, probably resulting from garbled accounts of the rites which Christians celebrated in necessary secrecy, being theagape (the ‘love-feast’) and the Eucharist (partaking of the body and blood of Christ).

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  1. Wow, there’s a lot of unproven assumptions made in that.

    I mean, they just talk like it’s a matter of fact when they really don’t know what’s a matter of fact.

    Well, this is what happens when people turn away from Christ. And by coincidence, we are all losing our freedoms more and more.

    Inevitably, God will have enough of them, and destruction will happen, and the new that comes out of that will embrace Christ once again. World history has been demonstrating this quite often. We’ve just been spoiled the last several centuries because of the power that at least some form of Christianity has had over the world.

    But how can the anti-Christ ever reign in a world that reveres Christ? It makes perfect sense that this is starting to happen now and today right in the midst of the time when the free world that formed out of a people almost exclusively Christian, starts rejecting the same Christ, and is ever progressing towards the horrific times that will come from losing their freedoms that are progressively being lost.

    • Janice VanCleave says:

      You are right on the mark.

      Parents must get involved. Parents must find out what is happening in their schools.
      What are teachers teaching your children?

  2. Well that was one of the core strategies of the Communist East to overcome the U.S., to make our Christian faith less important. Somehow, they believed that Christianity was a bigger threat to their power.

    This is why I find it fascinating for an Atheist to call him/herself open-minded and all about evidence, and then lump Christianity into some mass-controlling device. They don’t even realize that the most successful autocratic regimes in modern history all thought that getting rid of Christianity and embracing a form of Atheism was a better way to control the masses, and considering that only one has collapsed, while the others have simply gotten a little less strict, I can’t say that they were wrong yet.

  3. Having read this I thought it was very enlightening. I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this content
    together. I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

  4. In the article above, I find no links to any CSCOPE documents.

    Do you have such links, to verify that what you claim about CSCOPE is accurate?

    • Ed,
      I am knee deep in preparing things for the state board of education. I am adding CSCOPE documents in the new section called Boots On The Ground.
      I’ll find the lesson on cults and post it ASAP.

    • Yes. At this time they are being evaluated by the senate and SBOE.

  5. Janice, hello (again). Not sure what happened when I tried to post this earlier, so I’ll try it once again. I hope it won’t disappear.

    Respectfully, I believe you’ve been unfair to BBC writer Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe. She is not calling our faith a “cult” in the sense that you mean. The term “cult” has two meanings, one pejorative – one technical and neutral. The pejorative sense of “cult” refers to a religious off-shoot that distorts the original faith and/or brainwashes or dictates to its adherents.

    This is *not* the sense in which Lunn-Rockliffe uses the term “cult.” Rather, she uses it in the technical, academic sense: “formal religious veneration | a system of religious beliefs and ritual” (Merriam-Webster, 2003). This definition of “cult” has in mind a defined system of belief and worship, as opposed to what might be called “disorganized, do-it-yourself religion.” For example, in many Bible commentaries that are fully orthodox in terms of the authors’ own faith, you’ll often see the term “cultus” to refer to the well-defined parameters of Mosaic Judaism. In other words, the Israelites didn’t “do it yourself”; God gave them well defined commandments and parameters.

    Secondly, Dr. Lunn-Rockliffe is *not* accusing the early Christians of cannibalism or incest! She is reporting the well documented historical fact that in the New Testament era, when the vast majority of the public had barely even heard of “Christianity,” believers were, indeed, sometimes accused by their enemies of practicing cannibalism, as well as being atheists! Cannibalism, because pagans got a misunderstanding of communion, “eating the body and blood of Christ”; the pagans mistakenly took such language literally; you can imagine how they’d have freaked out about that! And because Christians rejected all the pagan gods and worshipped the One God, from a pagan perspective the Christians were “anti-god” — i.e., against the pagan gods — and thus “atheist.”

    As for the ancient charge of “incest,” this is because Christians all referred to each other as “brothers and sisters [in Christ]” — yet married one another. Thus, failing to understand the “brother and sister” metaphor, pagans jumped to the conclusion that *literal* brothers and sisters were marrying each other!

    Again, Dr. Lunn-Rockliffe is reporting that this is what went on in Greco-Roman culture — not making the accusations herself. Please be fair to her.

  6. I know one thing for sure, all christian parents must teach their children at home each and every day. This is how God the creator of all people and things commanded us to educate our children about the truth. Believe it or not PARENTS ,if you take the word of God on a daily basis and teach your children out of obedience to God, He is faithful and will not let your children be deceived. My husband and I raised five(5) children and this is what we did. Every time something contrary to The Holy Bible was remotely mentioned at school or even at church they would bring it up in OUR DAILY FAMILY DEVOTIONS. Three of them have taught in the Texas school system and one is still there and she is our youngest . She is the one who brought this to my attention. We really do have more influence on what our children believe than THEY do. COME WHAT MAY, ONE DAY , EVERY KNEE WILL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS THAT “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD” TO THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER whether they believe it, receive it , know it or not , They will .

  7. I have to say all of the commenters on this site are ridiculous. What’s wrong with pointing out parallels between Christianity and other religions? Does it hurt your feelings that the “one true” religion happens to share many of the same stories as other older religions?

    • Do you work for the ESCs.

      CSCOPE is more than comparing religions. Actually, it is not a comparison–it is promoting one and degrading the other.

      Texas Education Service Centers are at the bottom of all of this. Contact your senator and representative and request that the ESCs not be allowed to sell any products. This will put a stop to CSCOPE and will not allow them to create any future materials.

      Also ask your state senator to find out why the groups Texas Association of School Administrators and Texas Association of School Boards. TASA and TASB are being financed with school taxes and why these groups are investigating ways to implement the Obama common core curriculum in our Texas Schools.

      Ask your representative to support Rep. Drew Springer HB 158 for family values.

    • There are courses in comparative religion, including Christianity. A honest course demonstrates the similarities and differences. Straight up.
      It appears, however, that you critique is more than honest comparision but contains an animus against Christianity. If so, I wonder just how much yuou really know about Christianity? In this age, I find many folks form opinions about subjects, e.g. Christianity, without any data or historical knowledge.

    • Daniel Williams says:

      It doesn’t hurt my feelings at all to have honest and open discussions about Christianity.I love my Lord and Savior and have nothing to fear. But, people who ridicule Christians by saying things like “Commenters to this site are ridiculous” or “does it hurt your feelings” are not looking for open discourse. You have a miopic view of Christians, a hatred deep down inside. These “lessons” are obviously written by people of you ilk and have no place in education. If we cannot teach Christianity in public schools then no religion should be tought or ridiculed in public schools. Get busy teaching the 3 R’s and quit brainwashing these kids!

  8. Ardyce Kehiayan says:

    Many are thinking wisely here… Take my firsthand experience…
    Ok, I’m a 1/2 Century old Christian mother of adult children, all of us born and raised in CA.
    At the end of the day, you will not actually have protected your family or your children if you remove your children.
    At the end of the day…You can not opt out of Public education. Here’s why, and what “the system knows and you dont” The truth is, we tried it, my husband and I tried the opt out, Private Christian school and homeschooling. Though our children are well adjusted and educated, the masses of our children’s piers are still being educated in the UN mandated Millenium Plan for the 21st Century. And the goal for the UN Millenium plan is a “transformation” by “mobocracy” into “removing state and national boundaries” imposing “UN regional planning” requiring “world citizens” into “UN Member States” who will follow “UN’s International Constitution” this will not be popular with those who have not been through their “re-education system” and they know this, INTERPOL (which Obama through executive order has now allowed to operate in the USA without first going though State/Fed Police) is prepared with the iron fist of International Constitution to impliment martial law. They will of course call in the “Peace keepers” NATO. We have drones all over our sky’s in CA most likely in collaboration with NASA and NATO.
    Your best move is to fight back in “the Marxist system” on behalf of civilization our Constitution and freedom. Freedom is not free, it will cost you something to stand, we trading down our living standard and paid for private school, but that was a mistake, I believe now… I wish now that I had stayed and faced down the embarassment…ridicule…alienation…with all that money, community organising for our Constitution within the public school…Keep in mind that many teachers are brainwashed and have no idea that they are being used as useful idiots. I brought in “Washington’s Farewell Address” to a History teacher in our local Public High, she had never heard of it.
    Organizers of our Public Schools, are teaching our teachers to teach the children to hate all that is good about America and to love all that is evil… though the truth is, at the end of the day, it is tyranny that they are teaching. I suggest, you be there and stand guard, even if you and your children are singled out. Believe me, there is a dossier on you and your children anyway and the system is now designed to advance socialist, and dependent minded individuals. The power of the Teachers Unions in CA which is controlled and paid for by International Law proponents has become the beast, and those that are in Private schools and homeschooling are in the minority.
    Was it Stalin or Marx or Hitler, who said “I dont care what you say… I already have your children.”
    “Give me Hollywood and I can rule the world.” And ” Sure I can round up and kill Jews, who remembers the Armenian’s?”
    Do not succeed, from the public school, or the Union…Stand in, on your Constitution… for God, Country, and family. For civilizations “best hope for mankind”. Require the schools to teach the Bible as it relates to our Constitution. Require Davis Barton’s “Founders Bible” to be a text in undertsanting our Constitution as our founders intended it. Require Noah Websters 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language in defining the meaning of our founders words. Now, go take it on…

  9. I home school my children but I have nieces and nephews and children of friends who attend Brookeland ISD, which I found is using CSCOPE. I am plastering my FB page with links, articles and warnings…including the link to this site. I feel it is my duty, if I love those kids, to make sure their parents know what is being taught. Thank you for compiling all this information in one place! May God bless you in your endeavor!

    • I also homeschool. My kids were in a school that does NOT use CSCOPE and my 6th grader was being taught that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were all the same basic religion. She disagreed and was treated like she needed to be quiet and listen instead of object to what was obviously a misrepresentation of Christianity. That, and the teaching that overpopulation was Africa’s main problem, and the emphasis on passing a test (which was never a problem for my kids) over actual education, all combined to lead me to homeschool. I only regret that I allowed my kids to be in public school as long as I did.

  10. Jason Flynn says:

    Homeschool? No, someone needs to put together a class action lawsuit to have this crap stricken from the public schools.

  11. I am 100% against the indoctrination of this horrible curriculum. Thankfully, at the ISD my boys attend do not teach this. I have written letters to both schools expressing my dislike for CScope–and making it known that if it is taught–my boys WILL be home schooled. Our country has been indoctrinating our youth for generations so this is no surprise—-however, I am more acutely aware of my surroundings including politics and active—-which means, I will stand up for what’s right!! This is NOT right!

    • Tammy,
      You can help by informing parents whose children do attend CSCOPE schools. Thank you for your support.

  12. Phoebe Isley says:

    To each their own but you’re absolutely right in that “it’s scary what the schools are teaching.” It sure has changed dramatically. I remember growing up & being brought up on “In God We Trust” and the “Pledge of Alligience” every day. Now I see people trying to change what this country was started on and even trying to change or eliminate our “Declaration of Independence”. Our Fore Fathers did it right the 1st time so who are these people that seem to think they know better? Government telling us what we do or do not need, what we can & can’t do, etc. It’s time to make a stand & teach our children & all Americans the true ways of being an American as written over 200 yrs ago. The world may change but We don’t.

    • Phoebe,
      I totally agree with you. If public schools do not teach this, parents need to get involved and insist that they do. It takes lots of work and time to make changes via the state legislature etc. Parents can get the attention of the Texas education system by homeschooling their children. Schools receive money depending on the average daily attendance ADA. Reduce the money and schools will be happy to listen to parents. But, after homeschooling, your children will not want to go back to public school.

  13. Gene Poole says:

    The parallels between Christian beliefs and previous “pagan” beliefs are clear to anyone who has taken the time to study mythology and ancient cultures. Christianity, it is well known, built upon existing beliefs, but transformed them from the inside out with its message of forgiveness, as the CSCOPE text you cite clearly points out. As for the Christians being incestuous and cannibals, it is clearly stated that “contemporary sources” – the opinions of the prevailing Roman power of the time – accused the Christians of such things. What you cite in no way accuses the early Christians of such practices from a contemporary point of view. Again, the text’s purpose is to show that Christianity transformed these early practices and beliefs, just as it transformed the Old Covenant, with its message of forgiveness and redemption.
    What you are doing in making these accusations against these school texts is exactly what the prevailing power of the time – the Roman empire – was doing vis-à-vis the early Christians: distortion in order to criminalize what was considered a threat to that prevailing power. May God show you the error of your ways before you cause unnecessary suffering.


    To Those With The Wherewithall:(NATIONAL REQUEST for similar grievances)

    It is necessary to post, both the names and residence addresses of each and every individual who proposes these,
    AND OTHER OBJECTIONABLE, cancers on the US Society. If I must swallow what they propound: Permit me the opportunity to CONFRONT
    each and every OTHER ” PRESUMED CANCER ON SUCH SOCIETY” to express & ” to implement” my (and others) disagreement(s) and
    “disgust” with their unacceptable positions.

  15. Pete Wenzel, Esq says:

    While not altogether wrong (or incorrect), I still find it questionable that a government that has demanded the separation of church and state should be leading our children into delving into matters that theologians have argued about for 2000 years.
    In the first place, almost ALL of our childhood myths and legends (Santa Claus, etc.) have roots that actually pre-date the Roman Catholic worldview that has become pretty much the “accepted norm” in our history. Strangely, almost all of them are similar in their interpretations.
    A weighty subject, indeed, and DEFINITELY NOT within the limited academic scope of Elementary School , Middle School, or even High School students. Their time were MUCH better spent learning to read, write, cipher numbers, and BEGIN to organize the thinking habits that they will carry for a lifetime.
    Since graduating college, I toyed with the idea of a theological study course, and necessarily pursued it on my own for the last 40 years. After all this time, I still remain unconvinced that it were better for the world if I pursued this course. However, that has not shaken me from my historical researches regarding the nature and methods of “organized religion.”
    The point I’m approaching obliquely here is such that, if 40 years of study and research have NOT set me on any one particular path, then there are NO MERITS in telling our children WHAT TO THINK.
    Do not mistake me, I firmly believe in a CREATOR OR CREATORS, else none of what we call HERE would/could exist. The numbers are just WAY too numerically small to expect “random creation.”
    Perhaps the Greeks had it right with the Alpha/Omega beliefs.
    I have “died” more times than I care to remember, and I always remember a feeling of being embraced by “the oneness”, the life force (?), the energy of the cosmos (?), and knew that there was nothing to fear. I actually resented being pulled back to this plane by some meddlesome doctors who were determined to NOT “LET ME DIE.” I tell you now, there is NO DEATH, there is just another plane of existence, and it’s MUCH better than this physical one we’re bound to by our corporeal selves.
    I really hope that this helps any who read it, as it plumbs the depths (secrets?) of our existence here, therefore proving that CHILDREN have NO BUSINESS being exposed to this unless they seek it on their own.

  16. Christianity is a cult?? The Boston Tea Party were terrorists??? What the crap are you teaching the children?? You are very messed up sick individuals……I am so glad I home schooled my children, at least they were given the truth instead of lies shoved down their throats!!!!!!!!

    • Holly,
      When public schools use undisclosed instruction materials, such as CSCOPE, as many parents as possible need to homeschool their children.
      We all need to have more control over the content of school instruction materials. This can be done via having control over where school tax
      money is used. When tax payers have the option of paying their school taxes to the school of their choice, schools will be more attentive
      to the wishes of parents.

  17. This story is warped on so many levels.
    While ISLAM meets cult guidelines as follows:A Cult never lets you leave, A cult controls by fear, A cult
    practices deadly intimidation, A cult is all about Control of Women, A cult designs rules forcing its weakest members women and young girls into total submission….ITs the white elephant in the living room CSCOPE needs to address. Christianity meets none of those cult guidelines.. while environmentalism, islam, feminism all actually do meet the cult characteristics..
    More interestingly deprived….
    The premise of equality and freedom the writer enjoys was designed, dreamed of, written and created by men and women who died for her right to indoctrinate her cult worship of naturalism with the NewSpeak as Klemperer wrote so eloquently. While the writer makes an incredibly shallow attempt to dismiss what she does not understand its likely what was told to her in some cause based class in which all things wrong are somehow not.
    Just because she attempts to turn social fabric upside down does not mean its an intellectual pursuit of truth, only a burned out hippy psychobabble attempt to make sense of a bad trip on LSD which may be haunting her past.

  18. I can see now HELL is going to be a very crowded place. How sad the atheists are now in control of what our children must read for history of a once great nation.
    And to think I never thought it would happen in my life time.

    • Joe,
      In 1969, I was asked to pledge that I believed in God (Understood to be Jesus Christ) and that I was not part of nor ever been a part of the communist party. This was a requirement to teach in a public school in Houston. I was honored to make this pledge.

      Now our Texas public schools, via CSCOPE, are redirecting how our children think about Jesus Christ and the communist ideology. The CSCOPE teaching philosophy, called constructivism, encourages kids to be argumentative, not to have absolutes. What is right? What is wrong? Who cares about facts. What’s important are relationships. The CSCOPE 21st learner doesn’t have to smart. The CSCOPE 21st learner needs to know how to discuss ideas and glean information from others. There is one big problem with–CSCOPE is like a beautiful red sports car with no engine. It sounds and some of its documents look great, but there is nothing under the hood that works to make the machine functional.

    • @ joepoe… “atheist” are in control of the schools ??
      and these atheist are pushing education about religion ?
      wow… maybe you dont know what an atheist is but, I
      cant imagine an atheist demanding education about a
      religion LOL

  19. Lawrence Jasper says:

    This is nothing more the a cult to take down a religious faith, promised in our constitution. Although there may or may not be some egyption simularities, it is impossible to deny that time itself changed in the world after Jesus’s death. We started a new calender, as in the world, to mark it and start his church. Explain why? if indeed it was nothing more than written myths. There is no basis for your argument but propaganda, and that should never be taught in school, unless you are a communist, dictator, or monarcy. We see this in the Middle East as children are tough to hate Americans and Jews through schools and cartoons run by their govenments. We see it in China used to control thier people. All of those countries kill there own publically, the poeple have no freedom, babies are thrown of cliffs-only one allow per family, and girl are denied schooling or to show their faces-if the do many are shot or killed by the father as it is his job. I refused to have someone defile our constitution and its founding fathers which has given the world all it had and more resolved crisis after crisis created by the East in its wars since the beginning of recorded time.

    • Lawrence,
      Thank you for your comments. Encourage others to speak out.

    • Ummm… the Gregorian Calendar didn’t come into existence until 1582. Also the Constitution established freedom of religion so you could believe as you want; it did not and does not guarantee a specific faith.

  20. That is a disrespectful presentation of Christianity.

  21. John Detwiler says:

    The Parents of Texas students should rise up and forbid CSCOPE from offering any programs to their school system. CSCOPE is obviously a Socialistic think tank that uses subterfuge get their programs into schools so they can brain wash the students. What is wrong with the Texas Department of Education? Why can’t they determine what is fit for their schools curriculum. Kick those bums out and let the teachers, teach kids the difference between a statement and an action.


  1. […] Progressives are often not just satisfied to list Christianity as “just another religion” though.  In fact, they seem to love to demonize it however they can.  For example, the CSCOPE curriculum actually refers to Christianity as a “cult”.  The following is from CSCOPE World History Unit 3 Lesson 02… […]

  2. […] Progressives are often not just satisfied to list Christianity as “just another religion” though.  In fact, they seem to love to demonize it however they can.  For example, the CSCOPE curriculum actually refers to Christianity as a “cult”.  The following is from CSCOPE World History Unit 3 Lesson 02… […]

  3. […] Progressives are often not just satisfied to list Christianity as “just another religion” though.  In fact, they seem to love to demonize it however they can.  For example, the CSCOPE curriculum actually refers to Christianity as a “cult”.  The following is from CSCOPE World History Unit 3 Lesson 02… […]