CSCOPE Affects Morale

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 School Pride Gets a Failing Grade

Llano News

“Proud of Llano?” LISD Board Hosts a Full House
By Bryan Reeder
Wednesday, January 18, 2012 • Posted January 18, 2012

It was standing room only at the Llano ISD Board meeting Monday night. Approximately 100 concerned citizens showed up to support Lance Dillard as he addressed the Board about what some parents see as a lack of pride on LISD campuses.

Dillard expressed concerns about teacher and student morale, the CSCOPE program, and what he described as an overall negative feeling about the community and schools. “We want to bring the pride back to Llano,” said Dillard.

He recognized the district’s positive financial standing and student test scores as measurable successes, but noted the difficulty in measuring pride, morale and the learning environment. He said, “If it could be measured, we would have a failing grade in this regard.”

Dillard suggested low morale among teachers and students was due to strict adherence to the CSCOPE program and teachers not being allowed creative latitude in their lessons.

Dillard also described the teacher’s work environment as hostile. “It appears there is a serious disconnect between our teachers and school administration,” said Dillard.

“…there are also substantial differences between what administrators report as facts to the public and what is actually going on at our various school campuses” but did not specify those differences here.

Dillard also said it stands to reason if teacher morale is low, then student morale would be affected, and this may be a primary reason student participation in athletics, band and other UIL activities has decreased over recent years. Dillard stated, “We have lost our pride.

We have accepted mediocrity and it permeates at all levels of our schools.” Dillard encouraged parents to talk to school administrators and board members, to voice any concerns.

After hardy applause from the audience, Board President Ronnie Rudd also encouraged parents and citizens to contact board members or administrators anytime there was a concern. The Board received copies of Mr. Dillard’s comments and promised to add these issues to upcoming Board meeting agendas for discussion.

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