Coping With CSCOPE

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Coping with CSCOPE:
Educators try to adapt to flawed curriculum software

May 7th, 2012

Four years after subscribing to a district-wide curriculum at a cost of more than $100,000 a year — many Hays CISD teachers are still dissatisfied with the product called CSCOPE.

Most teachers who spoke with the Hays Free Press were hesitant to do so on record, citing concerns about speaking against school officials.

NOTE: Teachers are afraid to speak out because their school officials forced them to sign a CSCOPE non-disclosure document. The document states that teachers are not to disclose content of CSCOPE nor make negative comments.

If any teacher managed to make a copy of this CSCOPE Gag-order, send it to me and it will be posted. Parents need to know just how harassed teachers are. Why would any administration forbid teachers to not report problems? How does purchasing CSCOPE benefit superintendents and school board members?

Do administrator not want parents to know about CSCOPE lessons using this reference?

CSCOPE World History Unit 4b lesson 3

Global Religion
“Islam is a religion for all people from whatever race or background they might be. That is why Islamic civilization is based on a unity which stands completely against any racial or ethnic discrimination. Such major racial and ethnic groups as the Arabs, Persians, Turks, Africans, Indians, Chinese and Malays in addition to numerous smaller units embraced Islam and contributed to the building of Islamic civilization. Moreover, Islam was not opposed to learning from the earlier civilizations and incorporating their science, learning, and culture into its own world view, as long as they did not oppose the principles of Islam. Each ethnic and racial group which embraced Islam made its contribution to the one Islamic civilization to which everyone belonged. The sense of brotherhood and sisterhood was so much emphasized that it overcame all local attachments to a particular tribe, race, or language–all of which became subservient to the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of Islam.
The global civilization thus created by Islam permitted people of diverse ethnic backgrounds to work together in cultivating various arts and sciences. Although the civilization was profoundly Islamic, even non-Muslim “people of the book” participated in the intellectual activity whose fruits belonged to everyone. The scientific climate was reminiscent of the present situation in America where scientists and men and women of learning from all over the world are active in the advancement of knowledge which belongs to everyone.”

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