Teachers Gagged by CSCOPE

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Texas Superintendents Force Teachers to Sign a Gag-Order

Texas teachers forced to sign a CSCOPE gag order if they want to work.
Teachers in CSCOPE schools started the 2012-2013  school with no idea what they would be teaching. So much for teachers being prepared.

Teacher had to sign the legally binding document without having an opportunity of seeking legal counsel. It was sign or you have no access to the required CSCOPE website. Sign or go home.

Teachers also signed away the rights to any creative ideas they might post on the school’s CSCOPE website. The document explained that CSCOPE had the right to change the content of the document without notifying teachers.

WOW!  What a terrible way to kick off a new school year.

Do superintendents and school board members sign the same CSCOPE gag-order?

If so, where do parents go to find out what is being taught to their children?

Keep tuned! This question is being reviewed and an answer will be posted soon.

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  1. Massachusetts says:

    This can’t be any worse than being asked to sign on your contract “I pledge to teach the mission of world government” is it?

    • No. It is time for retired teachers to help with these problems. I thank you for reading the article
      about teachers being forced not to reveal the content of their lessons.

      Please continue to read and make comments.